How Do I Become an App Developer in 2021? Schools, Requirements, Costs
Saturday, 20 March 2021

You probably have at least 20 apps on your phone and are wondering if you could ever create one. Or let's say you have a social problem that your app can provide solutions to, but you don't know how to develop one. If you read through to the end of this article on how to become an app developer in 2021, you are definitely well on your way to developing your first app.

The first app development could be traced back to the 1960s. During this time, assembly code was the preferred development language due to its low CPU and memory resource requirements.

Since then IT application development was on an evolutionary path. In the 1970s, this application development graduated from COBOL programs. In fact, many of these early assembler and COBOL programs used the GOTO instruction as a technique for reusing code.

These developments have given birth to amazing apps that make life easier and more convenient. This development makes app development an easier task even for those willing to take the effort to learn the basics.
As it stands, if you have a teachable mind and a good knowledge of code you can now become a developer in the comfort of your home. How to become an app developer in 2021 is an article that will walk you through that journey. You can also learn mobile app development in 2021 in, detail.

Who is an app developer?

It is not hearsay to say that the world is now a global village. One of the accomplishments that made this possible is the internet and apps. In principle, applications have naturally become necessary in all areas of the economy.
Financial outfits, call centers, products, and service providers that offer services need apps to reach customers, collect customer information, or store data. Apps have become an indispensable and easy point of contact.
These apps are usually created by people we may refer to as app developers. These app developers are computer software engineers whose main responsibilities include creating, testing, and programming apps for computers, cell phones, and tablets. You may be wondering how to become a professional app developer. Read this article to find out.

What are the types of app developers?

Classifying app developers can be a little tricky. This is because all apps have requirements that every developer needs to know. Therefore, regardless of the type of app, a developer is likely to create all-around products.
However, app developers can be classified according to the types of apps that are built and deployed. This implicitly means that app developers can be divided into the following categories:
1. Web app developer
1. Native app developer
1. Cross / hybrid developer

Where do app developers work?

There are numerous job openings for app developers. Indeed, app developers can work in any field or sector of the economy.
App developers can choose to work as freelance developers depending on their programming experience. As a freelance developer, you can work for as many companies as you can, as long as you can deliver within a certain time frame.
Most freelance developers focus on fixing bugs for different businesses. This gives them more time and flexibility to work for as many as possible.
App developers can also create apps from scratch for different business units or fully manage existing apps for large brands and companies.
In fact, you could work for large IT companies like Andela, Silicon Valley, and the rest of them as part of the professional IT teams. Here they work hand in hand with software developers and systems analysts to write code for large projects.

How Much Do App Developers Make?

App developers have different sources of income. For example, they could earn money by creating apps for others, maintaining an already created app for their employer or simply paying for their own apps via Google Ad Sense and by downloading them from the Play Store or iOS.
Hence, it may not be easy to track or rank how much developers are regularly making. However, the statistics below give an indication of how much you can make as an app developer.
• Worldwide mobile app sales in 2016 - $ 88.5 billion
• Average Indie App Developer Salary - $ 1,500 / month
• The average salary for a US mobile app developer is $ 107,000 per year
• The average salary of an Indian mobile app developer is $ 4,100 / year
• The highest salary for iOS app developers in the US is $ 139,000 per year
• The highest salary for Android app developers in the US is $ 144,000 per year

How to become an app developer in 2021

To become an app developer, you need to meet all the requirements. Although you can become a developer yourself without a traditional degree, most employers require formal training before they can hire you.
However, if you want to become a freelance app developer, you can opt for online courses. In fact, online courses can help you become a good mobile developer. Especially if you are interested in creating your own app to solve a business or social problem.
Then, this article describes the basic requirements for developing an app developer, the schools for formal training, and the cost. A complete guide on how to become a good mobile app developer is all you need after reading the requirements.

What are the requirements to become an app developer?

Becoming a good app developer is not easy. App development involves a lot of code. To excel at writing or programming code, you need to be analytical and careful about details.
If you are wondering if you want to become a good app developer, then tick the following skills. Write down the ones you have and list others that you need to learn or absorb. Fortunately, there are short courses online that can help you improve these skills.
Analytical Skills: To be a successful app developer on your own or through formal training, you need strong analytical skills. This allows you to understand customer needs and build new applications to meet those needs
Communication Skills - Basically, even as a freelance developer, you need to be able to communicate effectively with your customers. A professional app developer needs this skill to convey ideas to programmers, teammates, and management.
Creativity - App developers need these skills to find new ways to troubleshoot problems and develop innovative applications. Hence, it is important that you learn or absorb this creative skill.
Customer Service - Your income as an app developer depends on your ability to attract and retain customers. Customer service skills allow you to deal directly with customers and customers, answer questions and troubleshoot problems.
Attention to Detail - This is important to your ability to have all parts of the application work together to make the application work
Problem Solving - As an app developer, you need problem-solving skills to make decisions that will drive the project forward.
Teamwork: - As part of a large development team that works well with others
Technical skills - be familiar with computer languages and have good technical knowledge

What are the educational requirements to become a successful app developer?

In order to become a good app developer, it is very important that you get formal training. The numerous opportunities that developers offer can be fully exploited with an educational degree.
Depending on how far you are looking to go in your career, you should consider reaching the peak of education in this area. The basic requirement for app developers is a Bachelor of Science in computer science, software engineering or a related discipline.
The program you are signing up for should be able to cover prerequisite programming areas such as basic coding languages such as HTML and CSS.
It is also important to take certificate programs in a different programming language if you intend to pursue a career outside of app development. The following schools are the best options for you to graduate as a good Android, iOS, or web app developer.

How long does it take to become a mobile app developer?

It all depends on what level of education you want to achieve. If you are a beginner with no basic knowledge of computer languages, it is advisable to enroll for a bachelor's degree, or at least an associate of science degree.
Basically, you should expect to spend between 6 months and four years in school. If you choose to do an associate degree, you will spend a minimum of four years, two years for master’s, and approximately three years for the doctoral program.
For an associate degree, students should spend at least two years in school. For students intending to advance their programming language skills as app developers, 3 to 6 month certificate programs are available to improve their app development skills.

How much does it cost to become a mobile app developer?

How much you pay to graduate or become an app developer totally depends on a number of factors. Such factors include; Type of school, type of program, type of classes, and how many credit hours your program offers.
Likewise, a Bachelor of Science program definitely costs more than an applied Associate of Science degree. In addition, online courses are more expensive than traditional degree programs.
Finally, most institutes calculate tuition fees based on credit rates. So expect to pay higher fees if you offer a lot of credit courses. According to statistics, the cost of developing an Associate Degree or a Bachelor of Science degree is around $ 49,000 or $ 200 per credit hour.


App development has been one of the most lucrative skills in the IT industry lately. This is because every sector, every company, or even every individual needs one or the other app in order to be able to run the daily activities smoothly.
Statistics show that the market for app developers is expected to grow geometrically in the coming years. It's absolutely fine to build your app ideas on no-code platforms. However, with this complete guide on how to become a good app developer, you can make extra money either by working for people or building apps for business ideas.
Read this article to the end and begin your journey to building an app and becoming a successful and professional app developer.
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