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iPhone Accessories: Everything You Should Have
Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Check out what are the three accessories that will boost your experience when using the iPhone.

Although the Apple smartphone, the iPhone, is extremely resistant and contains a long-term update, it is possible to use some strategic accessories to further enhance the user experience. These items are purchased separately and serve as a complement, precisely to improve usability in everyday life.

In addition to all this, it is important to note that the extras are extremely personalized. Thus, the customizable accessories can be chosen according to your taste. For example, you can find options in different colors, sizes, textures, functionalities, and designs.

Apple itself reinforces the use of some extra accessories to make the life of the smartphone even longer. With the application of some items that will be mentioned in this article, you will prevent scratches, dents, and loss of functionality from happening on your cell phone. That is: in addition to making the smartphone more beautiful, it also protected it.
An important point to mention is that, in some cases, the accessories need to be approved by Apple or a reseller authorized by the company. This will ensure that the device does not have any problems when it is switched on, or that its structures are damaged. So, do not forget to pay attention to this!
To make the subject even more fun, we present this list with the three iPhone accessories that are indispensable during its use. It can be indispensable even, so pay close attention and acquire those who are not yet part of your daily life.

1 - Protective case

This item serves to protect the entire structure of the iPhone. Although it all comes with extremely resistant glass, like the iPhone 12, that comes equipped with Ceramic Shield, in the end, we know how much it is likely to break — something that nobody wants, is it?
Then, the best way out is to buy a good protective case. This prop is found in different shapes, designs, and colors in the market — everything to make the customer acquire the one that best suits their needs. It can also be found in rubber, leather, and plastic.

2 - Glass film

The front of the iPhone is also covered with glass. Thus, to make the touch not lose sensitivity, the best option is to apply a glass film. It literally serves as a second layer of canvas.
That way, every time a scratch occurs, it will damage the glass film, not the screen of your smartphone. If a more serious accident happens, and your film breaks, just change it to another in a simplified way.

3 - MagSafe Charger

Sometimes it is a little annoying to carry a wired charger around, right? The MagSafe style came to solve this problem. With it, just place the cell phone on top of the base and connect it to the outlet. The difference is that you do not need to connect the cable directly to the device.
It is very good to leave the cell phone charging during the night, while you sleep. This accessory is even more useful today, as Apple took traditional chargers out of boxes, citing problems with sustainability.
So, when purchasing an ideal charger, give preference to MagSafe, which brings more comfort. Bearing in mind that this charger works only on the iPhone 8 versions on the front, as it has a glass back, essential to carry out charging by approach.
There is also the MagSafe Duo edition, which allows you to load two gadgets at once. For example, you can charge your iPhone 12 and your Apple Watch at the same time.
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