7K Metals’ Unconventional Compensation Plan - A Financial Revolution
Tuesday, 06 October 2020

 7K Metals offers precious metals in the form of coins and jewelry to their members at wholesale costs, but what their members can earn by signing up goes beyond the coins themselves. 


 First, let’s start with the precious metals themselves. When someone becomes a member - that is to say, they’ve signed up for Monthly Autosaver Access with one or more of the three annual membership programs - they will receive monthly coins. 

That’s the first way 7K Metals can help members accumulate wealth - purchasing gold and silver at wholesale prices. The second way is through referrals. Once someone becomes a member, they can have the opportunity to get paid to sell memberships, build their own sales network, and earn commissions via points accrued for membership sales. 

How 7K Metals Associates Can Profit 

7K Metals sales associates build sales organizations of their own. These organizations consist of: 

1. Other sales associates who also market and sell to customers. 

2. Associates sponsored by other associates in their network. 

People in their network could also be sponsored by associates who have been with 7K Metals before they were. 

When an associate - or someone in their network - sells a membership, the team is credited with 100 points. When 500 points are reached from both groups - one on each side - and two-thirds of those points have come from selling memberships, the associate is granted a commission. 

Not only that, but every time someone in an associate's network gets a commission, they receive a 5% matching bonus.

How The Monthly Coin Plays A Role In Team Totals 

20 points go to the team totals every time a coin of the month is sold, further helping associates reach their dollar commissions. Any unused points (with a 500 point cap) can carry over to the next week. 

Travel Savings Dollars 

In addition to getting access to precious metals at wholesale costs and profiting from selling memberships and developing a network of associates, members of 7K Metals can also get access to a travel savings personal portal and associated discount dollars - these come with the AutoSaver Coin each month. 
This program helps members find some of the best deals on vacation spots, including resorts and beaches. 
7K Metals will send you travel savings dollars in accordance with the starter pack you choose when you sign up for monthly autosaver access. 

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About 7K Metals 
  • Question: Is there some kind of catch? 
  • Answer: No. 7K Metals lets you cancel your membership at any time. 
  • Question: What happens when my membership is up? 
  • Answer: 7K Metals will reinstate your membership unless you decide to leave. You also have the option to upgrade your membership. 
  • Question: Is it difficult to cancel my membership? 
  • Answer: Not at all - just send 7K Metals an email and they will cancel it. 
  • Question: What exactly am I getting with 7K Metals? 


  • Access to custom exclusive jewelry, rare and exclusive collectables, and a monthly autosaver program. 
  • Gold and silver bullion at wholesale prices. 
  • A Travel Savings Website with Travel Savings Dollars 
  • Private Vault Access
  • Buyer’s Certification Training Program
  • Credits towards additional sound money trainings
  •  Curated selections by the experts


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