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5 Killer Merch Ideas for Bands on a Budget
Wednesday, 02 November 2022

Are you a small-time band on a shoestring budget? You can still sell killer merch. Check out these five merch ideas for inspiration.

Today you can earn a living creating music without having to get a record deal. By putting out music on your own, you'll be in a position to both have artistic creativity and earn a living as an entrepreneur.

In order to turn your band into a business, monetization is essential. To do this, you have to have your merchandise together.

If you are looking for some winning merch ideas, start with the points in this article.

Merch Ideas For Your Band

You can get as creative as you want with your band merchandise, but there are a few different ideas that are proven to work. Here are a few of the merch ideas that you'll want to stick to:

1. You Can't Go Wrong With T-Shirts

T-shirts are still some of the most important pieces of band memorabilia that you could sell. People will want to own a beautifully designed t-shirt because they buy into your lifestyle and what your band represents.

They become art pieces that people will wear with pride and keep for years. Make sure that you find a t-shirt manufacturer that uses high-quality fabrics with colors that will hold up for years. You should also partner with an artist that makes amazing work that people will gravitate to.

Aside from t-shirts, things like vintage style patches with your band's insignia on it can be hot sellers. You can learn how to make patches so that they are produced with quality and homemade style. Patches are available in different styles and materials, if you are looking for a totally hands off experience and want to leave it to the professionals UltraPatches is a reliable vendor if you are looking to order your custom patches online.

2. Signed Physical Copies

In the digital age, well-put-together physical copies are becoming incredibly valuable keepsakes.

Print a limited run of your music on CD, cassette, and vinyl so that the true collectors will want to purchase your releases. You can charge a lot more for these to turn a profit, or could pair them with a digital download purchase to earn some income back that you might lose with music being so widely available.

Getting your brand out to the public via a well-maintained vlog can be a great idea when you are trying to build a buzz. You can build your following with free content, and then upsell people using the physical copies of your music.

3. Bags, Accessories, and Usable Items

People love tote bags, backpacks, and other such accessories. They are entirely usable and can end up being bags that people travel with, spreading your brand everywhere they go.

When you sell bags and other such accessories, be sure that they are crafted with nothing but high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

4. Food and Beverage

You can really make a true impression on your consumers when you stimulate other senses. They buy into the music with their ears, but then when you add visuals to the song, it creates an entirely different experience.

Selling food and beverages lets you stimulate their other senses and create an emotional connection.

5. Musical Instruments and Accessories

Don't underestimate the fact that people who love your music also appreciate music in general, and perhaps do music themselves.

You can sell them some branded musical instruments or accessories, such as guitars, guitar picks, straps, drum sticks and anything else that you can think of.

You can also fetch a higher price when you sell items that you actually played with at your shows.

Purchase the Best MerchFor Your Band

If you want your band to succeed as a business, having winning merch ideas is absolutely necessary.

These are the ideas that you should put to use so you can earn a living with your music. Check back with us when you want to learn more business and lifestyle tips.
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