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Tips to Get Beautiful Nails - For a Beautiful You!
Sunday, 17 February 2008

Not just your face but even your hands say it loud when you need to get that perfect impression in a board meeting or on a special person. Your perfectly manicured nails look good and say it loud about how well you maintain yourself. However, nail care is essential for both men and women and few tips that will help you get that perfect nails sitting at home. So, say good bye to expensive salons and French manicurists.



If you devote a little care even once in 15 days your nail will look beautiful, giving you an edge over the others in today's world of competition.

1. Get a basic nail kit that has the necessary tools but is not prohibitively expensive as brand names do not mean great nails! Nail kits are available at every drug store so you can find one that suits you easily.

2. Wash your hands with a herbal based soap and lukewarm water and let it dry. When the nails are soft, they are easy to cut and file. However, be careful as improper filing can weaken the nails. Use a nail file and shape up your nails according to our desire with easy, gentle strokes. File from the side to the middle along the edge of the nail for the best results. Do not apply pressure on the top which will cause then to crack and break.

3. If you apply nail polish, do not put a thick coat and leave it. Beautiful, well manicured nails require 2 to 3 coats of nail polish applications to give them that smooth, glossy finish.

4. As with hair and skin, nails also require attention. A well balanced diet and drinking plenty of water keeps the nails shiny and smooth while dehydrated nails look chipped and dry too.

5. Regular nail care is important and occasionally do apply cuticle oil to moisturize and soften your cuticles and nails. This will help the nails to look fresh and smooth, even without nail polish.

6. Never use alcohol based lotions or nail polish removers as they tend to weaken the nails and dehydrate them. The chances of fungi and other microbial infections increase when the nails are cracked and brittle. Always go in for natural, organic nail care products to safe guard tour skin and nails.

7. Unhealthy habits of biting nails also lead to unhygienic nails and spoil the look of the hands. So, if you are prone to it, give it up! If you follow these tips, you will have healthy, beautiful nails and hands in a short time span.

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