Easy And Quick Merging Of PDF Documents With PDF Bear
Wednesday, 22 July 2020

 When you talk about merging your PDF documents, it usually means mixing two or more than one PDF document into another document. Another term for this process is the PDF combining. It is about two or more PDFs that will become a new PDF file where you can see the two PDFs.

 Using PDF Bear's merging tool, users can also organize pages and its order. The pages of the user's PDF document will be up to users. In contrast with the compress PDF tool that reduces the file size of your PDF Document, the merge PDF tool only combines two or more PDF files into one.

Once the merging of your PDF documents completes, users may also use the compress PDF service to reduce the document's file size. PDF Bear will provide its users with these services at no cost. However, they may also decide to avail of the premium account or the PDF Bear PRO member subscription.

Using PDF Bear's PDF Merging Tool

So you can merge pdf files for free, visit PDF Bear's website, and click the tool that says Merge PDF. After you reach the merge PDF tool page, the apparatus for merging your PDF will be in a rectangular space, and the guidelines are underneath it. First things first, you have to choose the PDF documents you want to merge into one. 

The merge tool will also grant users the opportunity to modify or create any alterations to the to-be merged PDF document before starting the process. Once there are no other modifications users want to create, they can hit the Combine or Merge button, then the PDF merge tool will commence the merging process of all of the documents that you have selected. 

After the merging process completes, users will be permitted to save or export their merged PDF document into their computer's folder or smartphone. They may also transfer or upload their merged PDF document to their preferred clouds, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Why is PDF Bear's Merge PDF An Excellent Tool?

If users choose PDF Bear's merge PDF system, they will execute all PDF processes or conversions in no time. Users do not need to be concerned about their shared PDF files in their system as they will protect and safeguard their user's privacy.

Also, this web-based merge PDF system can be conveniently and quickly accessible, whether they're using a computer or a smartphone. Users will be allowed to utilize their resources using any device and platform at any time of the day, regardless of where they are. PDF Bear's PDF merge tool is available to Windows and Mac, and even Linux operating systems.


Although the merge tool by PDF Bear and other utilities is free of access, clients' access to even more services is low. They would be able to perform over one job or as many as they like if you apply to the PRO subscription. They will only be able to use restricted work and services for the primary account.

Users will be able to upload over 10 MB or up to the maximum file size with the PRO plan. They will be authorized to change the name of their new PDF document or other file formats after each process or use of their instruments before storing them to their computer or laptop.

The membership in PDF PRO is obtainable in either a monthly or annual subscription. If a person wishes to enter, PDF Bear will provide all-new PRO users with a free trial to incentivize them to cancel or revoke their registration if they feel disappointed. Just after cancellation, their payment will be returned to them, as long as it's in the duration of the free trial period.


All transactions are accomplished quickly with only a handful of clicks of a button owing to the online PDF devices and services. A few years ago, something like transforming files to another file format or creating some modifications to it was difficult to achieve. A lot in this era are blessed enough to encounter trouble-free configurations.
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