Important Things To Know About Converting To PDF/A
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

It is undeniable that PDF is one of the most trusted file formats in the corporate world. More businesses are trusting this file to carry most of their confidential documents. It is one of the best formats to use when creating contracts, memorandum, invoices, and more. But since technology is continuously evolving, it's important to make sure that you are always using the most advanced software and platforms.

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PDF is known as a timeless file that can survive even after years of saving it on your computer. That is why if you have a document that was saved ten years ago, you can still access it using the most recent PDF viewer today. However, there's a more advanced format that you can use to make sure that your files are safe for many years. It's through PDF/A.

What is PDF/A?

PDF/A is another variation of the PDF format which makes sure that your files and documents can be reproduced with the same quality, regardless of which platform you use. By converting pdf to pdfa, you can easily document for long-term preservation without compromising its quality and aesthetic. It is one of the reasons why it is an ISO-standard version of the PDF.
There may be times when you need to convert or edit a PDF file. This process tends to alter some parts of your documents which can be harmful to the overall outcome. If you are using a PDF/A format, you can be sure that your documents are safe and accessible for a longer period of time. It's also accessible to all devices the same as a PDF file but it has more security features that protect your file from viruses and corruption.

How to convert PDF to PDF/A?

Since most people are using the PDF format, you may need an additional tool to convert your file to PDF/A. One of the most efficient and convenient ways to do that is by using an online tool such as Gogopdf. It’s a web-based platform that offers a variety of options to modify and maintain all types of PDF files from converting, editing, protecting, and personalizing the files.
To use this tool, all you need is a browser and an Internet connection. You don’t need to download or install any software on your computer which makes it more convenient. Once you are already on their homepage, you just need to select the option that says PDF to PDF/A. Upon clicking, it will route you to a new page where you need to follow these 4 simple steps:
  1. Upload the PDF file that you want to convert. You can select the document from your computer or you can use the “Drag & Drop” button.
  2. Automatically, the tool will scan the file and will give you a preview of what the pages will look like. You can personalize the pages based on your preferences. Once you are ready, just click on Convert to continue.
  3. The platform will start processing your request to convert the file to PDF/A. Depending on the size of your file and the speed of your Internet connection, the process may take up to 2 minutes.
  4. Once done, Gogopdf will give you the option to download the file and save it on your computer. This is now the converted PDF/A document. You can also share it using the URL provided on the tool.
Gogopdf is a highly efficient tool that you can access using all types of operating systems and devices. It means that you can convert using a computer, a smartphone, and even a laptop. It’s also working on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux devices. Another positive attribute of this tool is that it can be used on all browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and even Opera. You no longer need to switch from one device to another just to convert a file.
Using Gogopdf is also safe and secured. They use high-end technology which makes sure that all information and data uploaded on their website are deleted an hour after processing it. You can be safe from any malicious activities happening online. And above all that, Gogopdf is a free platform. You will not be required to sign up or create an account to access their tools. However, if you want to maximize all their features, you have the option to sign up for a paid membership.

Choose an advanced technology for your business

With the rate of technological advancement today, it’s important to make sure that your business can keep up with these changes. Instead of settling with a PDF format, you can adapt using PDF/A on all your documents. In that way, you are sure to be using an industry-standard format.
Gogopdf can help you with that. You can visit their website today to know how else you can manage your PDF and PDF/A documents.
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