Household Pests that Can Affect Your Health
Friday, 10 April 2020

 Household pests are pesky little creatures that mess up your home by cropping up everywhere gnawing your foods and causing nasty bites. However, they are much more than a nuisance because they can put your family at risk of infection by exposing you to germs. Here is a list of some of the most harmful household pests. 


Mosquitoes epitomize everything disgusting about household pests. Not only do they have nasty bites that irritate for hours, but they are also carriers of a range of infections. When they bite, they transmit microscopic parasites, harmful bacteria, and viruses that cause serious diseases. Some of the diseases that come from mosquitoes include Malaria, yellow fever, the Zika virus, West Nile fever, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. 


Cockroaches are gross pests that are also an eyesore. Apart from being unsightly, they are also carriers of a wide range of harmful bacteria. They transmit infection by contaminating food and surfaces in the home with these pathogens. Whenever they urinate, defecate or shed skin, they leave behind a nasty cocktail of germs that cause infections and allergies. The type of pathogen they bring largely depends on where they have been. It is common for cockroaches to live in sewer pipes and other unhygienic environments so they carry dirt from such places to your home. For most American households, the presence of cockroaches increases the risk of allergies, especially among children. However, they can also bring more potent pathogens such as E. coli and other bugs that cause stomach disorders. 


Rodents include mice and rats and like to sniff around the house scouring for food. If they smell something interesting, they are bound to investigate and contaminate your food and dishes. And just like cockroaches, they carry with them different types of germs that they leave behind whenever they touch the carpet and other surfaces. At the same time, their urine and feces contain pathogens that may cause illness such as the salmonella bacteria. You can tell that they have been frequenting your home by looking for gnawed furniture and cables as well as droppings and urine stains. If you find evidence of their presence, sniff them out before they spread diseases to your family. 

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are another nightmare pest like mosquitoes. Their bite is very irritating and can even cause painful lesions and other adverse reactions to people who are allergic to their saliva. While they are not known to be vectors of infectious diseases, they can still cause infections of common pathogens that enter the body through wounds such as tetanus. Bed bugs can also cause psychological disorders such as panic attacks due to the harrowing effects of waking up to painful bites in the middle of the night. They hide under mattresses and crevices in the house and come out when it is dark to bite people. Therefore, hire pest control NJ experts to get rid of them because ordinary pesticides may not work. 


Fleas are minute pests that can cross to humans from poultry and pets. They hide in cloth linings and other materials in the house and regularly emerge to make a nasty bite. The bite can be allergic to some people or cause blood infections such as typhus. They are the most common pests in homes due to their penchant to stick on pets. 

Professional Pest Control

If you are grappling with pests in your home or suspect that you have unwanted visitors, seek professional pest control NJ. Professionals are better than DIY remedies because they know how different types of pests behave and how to control them. They handle all manner of pests ranging from stinging insects to rodents and ants.


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