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Organization Tips For Collectors
Friday, 02 July 2021

If you’re a collector, you may be aware of just how difficult it can be to stay organized. Depending on the nature, size, and content of your collection, there are multiple variables that you should consider before you start the process of organization and display. One of the most important things you can do for your collection is to start your organization efforts early so that you have the ability to make changes and plan for the future display of your collection without much hassle. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to organize your collection, no matter what it is, this article is for you.

Invest In Better Storage

It can be quite easy to unwittingly destroy or mess up your collection depending on the contents by mistake by using bad storage methods. The better your storage, the more likely you are to maintain consistent quality across all pieces of your collection and make the most out of it. One thing collectors love to do is to show off their collections, so it can be a hassle to learn how to do just that without destroying your pieces. Invest in furniture made by case manufacturers with glass tops and the perfect storage capabilities for whatever items you have.

Curate a Database Early

One mistake that some collectors often tend to make is by collecting items without rhyme or reason. While this can work for some people, it’s a good idea to start your organization efforts early so that you know what you have and where you can find it. This can be especially helpful if you want to sell your collection later on, or if your collection gets large and you want to reference what you have quickly. While historically many collectors use more traditional methods of a database, an online database can be better for some collectors because you can add photos of the specific item that you have and more description with far less time and hassle than older methods allowed.

Stay Aware of Your Intention

Some collectors often have the problem of collecting without rhyme or reason. While this is a valid method of collection, it can also be quite an issue that seems fine at first but can easily get overwhelming. When you start any collection, do so with intention. If there is a set that you would like to purchase, do it in order instead of just collecting blindly. This avoids clutter and creates a more curated sense of a collection, which is often more personalized and easier for collectors.
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