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Looking After Your Mental Health While Working from Home
Thursday, 03 December 2020

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, employees throughout the world have been forced to work from home as a social distancing measure and to stay protected from the virus. While many regard working from home as a novelty, others are worried that staying in the house permanently could have negative effects on their mental health, as you’ll be unable to follow regular routines, socialize, or have on-hand assistance as and when needed.

What self-help methods can you use during this unprecedented time? We have put together some useful ideas on how to look after your mental health while working from home.

Develop a routine

As you’re unable to follow your usual routine, you must adopt a brand-new one so that you have a clear focus for the working day and are aware of how your day is going to plan out. Aim to stay disciplined by integrating strict schedules into your working day as a way of separating your work and personal life and prevent becoming overwhelmed. Also, ensure you take regular breaks throughout the day just as you would in the office.

Stay active

When working from home, it’s far too easy to relax on the sofa during breaktimes; however, making an effort to exercise will work wonders for your mental health. If jogging outdoors isn’t your idea of fun, you could instead follow YouTube tutorials for home workouts or yoga sessions that are catered to all abilities and that ensure you’re remaining active.

Take medications or treatments

If your mental health has taken a nosedive over the last few months as a result of working from home and you’re finding it hard to cope well away from your usual routine, it may be worth taking a trip to your GP to determine whether you should be on medication to control the anxiety or depression. Alternatively, some people find that vaping CBD oil offers an array of health benefits, including reducing depression symptoms. The volcano vaporizer hybrid is designed to sit on the desktop so you can vape while working as a method of calming.


While taking time out of the office, you should make the effort to connect with your colleagues to stay in the loop both on a professional and social level. Without having regular contact, you may start to feel extremely isolated, which in turn, could affect your productivity and mental health. Engage in regular phone or video calls to communicate with your manager and colleagues as this will allow you to connect better socially than a simple email or social media message.
Working from home may seem like a novelty initially, but it can take more time to adjust to your new routine than you may have anticipated. If you’re feeling particularly anxious or depressed, it would be best to seek professional help to enable you to cope with the situation and face the challenges that arise as a result of the ongoing pandemic.
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