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Your Magic Eyes: The Secret Tool in Communication
Thursday, 13 December 2007

Why are we so attracted by eyes? Why do we see there some magic and mystery? What is so special in our eyes? Why can you define the truth in someone’s eyes? What is the eyes’ Secret? Your eyes are a powerful tool. The eyes can pickup many subtle messages. Your eyes can detect tiny changes in the bodies of others.

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Your eyes can detect tiny changes in the bodies of others. The eyes can detect such subtle changes like:

  • Changes in skin tone and texture due to blood flow changes when emotions fluctuate
  • Changes in eye pupil size as interest peaks and wanes.
  • Tensioning and release of tiny muscles in the face and scalp from emotional changes.
  • The precision timing of eye contact indicating interest, disinterest, or intimidation.

These slight body changes in others unconsciously alert us to how they are feeling about us from moment to moment.

Compared to the primates, only humans have a white area around the center colored portion of their eye. And even though the male eye is slightly larger than the female eye, the female eye has a higher proportion of white showing. Women interested in attracting male attention will do well to use wide-eyed and darting eye movements to flash as much eye white area as often as possible.

Men are attracted to young healthy women because they have the best success in producing healthy offspring. Bright, white areas in a woman's eyes plus long, thick eye lashes are excellent indicators of female good health . Women know how their eye contact can activate men's hormones and interest. Therefore women are very careful to avoid eye contact with men in public - unless they want attention. If a woman wants attention from a man, she knows eye contact (plus a little smile ) is one of the fastest ways to get it.

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The dark center of the eye, called the pupil, is constantly sending unconscious body language messages. Since the pupil can not be controlled consciously it is an excellent and reliable broadcaster of emotions. When the pupil is closed down to a small opening it indicates a lack of interest or something distasteful. Dilated pupils indicate high interest. When talking to a partner of the opposite sex, this high interest really may be 'desire'. When a person looks around, at the mouth and maybe even lower body parts, there is 'lust’!

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Use your eyes to send the right message

Since the eyes are our most powerful body language message transmitters, it’s better to learn some general rules about using your eyes:
It is allowed to look into the eyes of another person for longer periods of time than normal when you:

  • Like or love them.
  • Are far apart and trying to improve communication.
  • Are deeply interested in what they are saying.
  • Know they are extroverted and like being close.
  • Are expecting an answer or response from someone.
  • Are trying to dominate and intimidate someone.

Because the eyes pass so much information to the brain each second, they are a powerful tool you can use to send powerful messages. So glance and use your eyes charm!

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