4 Tips for How to Keep the Relationship Fire Burning with Age
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

In a US study from last year 90% of respondents stated that love can last a lifetime in a relationship. Yet, the number of divorces in a year is over 800,000. So, apparently, the belief in the strength of love isn’t enough to support all relationships. However, you have the power to prevent a tragic end to your own fairytale. All you need to do is to find ways to rekindle the flames that were there when you met and keep the fire burning bright no matter how many years pass.

1. Exchange a thoughtful text no less than once a day

A relationship requires constant effort, like everything you want to do well. Remember those first months of you being together, when you couldn’t get enough of each other. Time reduces that thirst for the other’s company, especially when you spend a lot of time together. At some point, it might result in your reducing contact, because you know everything about each other anyway, right?

Wrong! No matter how close you are, it’s essential to keep up with those loving conversations you had at the beginning of your relationship. In fact, it should be easier, as now you know each other much better and can say the things that will truly matter for the other. Start sending at least one loving and thoughtful text message to your partner daily. It might grow into more frequent exchanges, but even if it doesn’t that single reminder of being loved will go a long way to keeping your relationship strong.

2. Overcome problems together

Whether you are officially married or not, being in a meaningful and fulfilling relationship means sharing everything. This means that you do not only celebrate successes together, but work through struggles as well.
Age, stress, disease, and other factors that can’t be avoided, often bring problems that crumble couples from within. Many of them have to do with intimacy, like infertility, erectile dysfunction, etc.
To prevent these issues from ruining your relationship, you have to discuss them and deal with the problems together. Remember that you are a team and that neither of you is to blame for medical conditions you might have. Seek help from professionals, as well as couples counseling. If drugs or surgery aren’t viable for your situation, look into natural practices. For example, try natural supplements for male fertility and virility, like Erexatropin, or take maca powder for female infertility. Sign up for yoga, change your diet, start meditation, etc. But whatever you do, do this as a team that you are and always support each other.

3. Explore new horizons

When your relationship starts to seem dull, liven it up with new experiences! Note that you don’t have to go onto an extreme vacation in Borneo jungle to do that. If you are stuck in a city, explore new exhibitions and other events, or even start a quest of discovering new restaurants.
Don’t forget about your sex life as well. Research together and try out something new to both broaden your horizons and remind yourself how much you love the person willing to go through anything with you.

4. Talk it out when you feel something isn’t right

Whenever you feel you aren’t on the same page about anything, from family budget to PDAs, talk it out. Discussions are the key to keeping a relationship strong in the face of any challenge.
Instead of letting problems fester, you should talk them out like the mature adults you are. However, never do this through shouting and be sure to provide reasons for your opinions. A relationship is a series of compromises, but it can work out only when the both of you don’t give in too much.


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