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5 Ways To Show Someone You Care
Thursday, 03 February 2022

It can be difficult to show someone you care, especially if you are no good with verbally showing your emotions. Whether it is a friend, family member, or somebody you are just getting to know, letting somebody know you care for them, appreciate them and enjoy being in their company can be difficult, but here are some top ways you can show your love to someone important in your life.


Buy them something

Everyone loves receiving a present - even the ones who claim they don’t - whether this is a gorgeous bag purchased with Michael Kors coupons from or a piece of statement jewelry purchased from a quality store. The cost of the gift doesn’t matter as, ultimately, it is the thought that is behind the gift that is important. So take a bit of time out to think about what they would like in their life. Have they recently commented on something, or have they shared a page on their Facebook account. A thoughtful, meaningful, and personal gift will not go unnoticed.

Do something for them

If the person is time-poor, then offer to help them run errands or pick up some food from the grocery store. Don’t expect anything in return, just offer to do something for them that helps them in their daily life. Do something great that will perhaps enable them to have a little free time to themselves.

Write a letter

If you cannot say it physically, then write it down. A personal, heartfelt letter outlining just how much you care and appreciate a person can truly brighten up anyone’s day so put pen to paper. If you don’t fancy writing a letter, you can also type an email and send it to them. This works wonders even when people are super busy going about their day.

Give them time

Time is about the only thing you cannot buy, so give them some of your time, whether this is time to have a coffee, time to chat, or time to go shopping. The person you care about will value your time more than anything – especially if you struggle to make time for them now (no matter how hard you try).

Make them something

This isn’t just for children, it is for adults as well. Make your loved ones something they will enjoy for many years to come, whether it is a handmade card or a piece of crafted woodwork or knitting. The personal touch will not go unnoticed.
Showing you care about someone can be hard, especially if you are in different countries, so remember to try as hard as you can to express how you feel rather than bottling up all of your emotions. If you cannot visit someone in person, then call, text, or hop onto Skype, Zoom (or any other portal you choose). Just do something now that will show someone just how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. You never know when you need people, so reach out to them while you can.
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