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7 Of The Worst Things You Can Do During Online Dating
Friday, 26 October 2018

It is true that women love a stable guy. However, lying about it will cause you more trouble than it is worth down the line. Be honest from the start. You would be surprised how many people out there are willing to look past the net worth.

People lie a lot on online dating websites. Many people lie about their relationship statuses. After all, there isn’t that much you can do to confirm whether or not they are dating someone else. Another common lie is about financial status. For some reason, people, especially men, believe that portraying themselves as wealthy and successful makes them more attractive.

2. Blowing that trumpet way too loud

No one likes a show off so avoid bragging while on online dating sites. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of all your achievements. However, when you make it the center of every conversation you have online it will work against you. Therefore, instead of overwhelming your love interest with this drop subtle and organic hints of your achievements. That way they appreciate how awesome you are without being distracted from all your other traits.

3. Pulling a Houdini

Ghosting is by far the rudest thing you can do on online dating. Ghosting is where you engage a match in a conversation then without warning just cut off all communication. You leave texts unanswered, calls unreturned and interest unrequited. It is ok not to like someone back. However, letting the person know you aren’t interested is the proper thing to do rather than leaving them confused and guessing what went wrong.

4. Moving too fast

It is an undeniable truth that online dating offers an accelerated platform for finding love. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be proposing marriage to someone after two days of conversation. You need to be more cautious on these sites as building trust is one of the best ways to ensure that things end well for you. for more details visit lån online

5. Being too passive

There is nothing more annoying than an online dating user who sits back and waits for everyone to do all the hard work. You are unwilling to text first. You are unwilling to make the first move to take your relationship online. You are unwilling to participate in important discussions such as those on the relationship status. This passive nature is not cute anymore so avoid it at all costs.

6. Not knowing when to quit

The complete opposite of passivity is not better. Being too aggressiveis when you keep insisting on trying even when it has been communicated by the other person that there is absolutely no interest. Persisting in your pursuits is annoying to the second person involved. It also wastes precious time you could be using to find someone who likes you.

7. Being a sore loser

If someone doesn’t like you back, then there is no reason to be rude or aggressive. Sometimes the chemistry isn’t there,and it is not the person’s fault. So take the rejection graciously and move on without fussing.

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