8 Simple Tips to Help for Women to Spice Up Your Relationship
Monday, 08 April 2019

 1. Try BDSM

Many people are yet to try dominance and submission sex techniques. Most people have been yearning to try these techniques ever since the 50 Shades of Grey hit the market. Your partner might be eager to try it too. One thing you however need to know is that, you need to take a role. You can either be dominant or submissive in BDSM. 


 Don’t invest in expensive BDSM equipment just yet. Start small, try loveplugs.co for inspiration and use whatever you have to see whether you enjoy it and if your man is receptive to the same as well. His reaction should help determine whether to go for the equipment or not.

2. Pursue Him too

A man will do anything to win you over. Many will check on you constantly and want to be with you all the time. The feeling of someone showing you all the affection and attention is simply, thrilling. Did you know men too feel the same when a girl starts chasing or showing affection to them. 

As much as the man may be trying to win your attention and affection, why not return the favor. Send him a message during lunchtime, and show him how much you want him. Pampering your man with the right loving words, and getting sexual with him will make him want you even more. 

3. Kiss Him Randomly

Kissing your man goodbye when he leaves for work in the morning, every day makes it too predictable. Why not take it a notch higher by grabbing and giving him a personate and deep kiss when he least expects it. You don’t even need an explanation- just do it. 

Kissing him passionately when he least expects it will arouse emotions and make him think of you all day. Keep him guessing on what to expect next. You, however, need to do this sparingly to avoid overdoing it. While it may sound cliché kissing him out of the blue is exhilarating. 

4. Wow Him with Awesome Oral Sex

Although most women may not be up for this, almost every man loves oral sex. Make it a mission to learn how to give a great blowjob, and start practicing on him.  When it comes to wowing your man, kinky oral sex would be your best bet. Oral sex is surprisingly easy if you put your mind around it. All you need is take it a notch higher, and ensure he enjoys every second of it. 

5. Initiate Sex - But Outside The Bedroom

Do not wait for your man to initiate sex all the time. You also shouldn’t only initiate sex while in the bedroom. Make it more fun by initiating sex when outside, say while walking in the park, or headed somewhere. If this seems too much for you, practice it from the living room, sofa for example. 

Initiating this for the first time can be tricky for some. Here is a quick tip. Kiss him as you walk around, and try getting as physical as you can. Be sure to place your hands down his pants for him to get the idea. 

6. Learn What His Erogenous Zones Are

When it comes to oral sex, most women will only concentrate on his penis alone. Unknown to them, there are more ways to pleasure your man than merely giving him a blowjob. Learn what his erogenous zones are, and especially the perineum, balls, and the anus too. 

7. Make Use of Your Hands

Foreplay isn’t all about your mouth and oral sex. Men too love to be touched. Use your hands and fingertips to explore his entire body. Try tickling him and stroking his sensitive zones. Using your hands will help allow your mouth to focus on other things.

8. Get Creative When Giving Head

Giving your man head might be exhilarating for the first few days. It may however become boring if all he gets to see is your head moving up and down. Try playing with the tip of his head with your tongue, but in circular motions. Try the whirlpool technique too to move your head sideways as you tease the penis head with your tongue.
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