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Heartwarming Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2021
Monday, 01 February 2021

Searching for Valentine's Day gifts at the last minute in Pearsons Florist can be hectic unless you have some idea of what you're looking for to give that special someone in your life. You don't want your gift to appear as an afterthought.

Fortunately, you can buy something fast that will make a big impression, without spending a lot of time shopping. Here are some ideas of gifts that will make your loved one happy.

Framed Love Poem - Find the perfect Valentine's Day poem online, print it out, and place it inside a wooden frame. Wrap it up as a gift and present it to your loved one, either alone or with candy or flowers. Watch them melt in front of your eyes. This gift doesn't cost a lot, but it has a LOT of sentimental value. A true memory for your loved one.

A Dozen Red Roses - Roses are the most popular floral gift on Valentine's Day. Red roses, with their deep crimson color, symbolize love, but you can also give pink roses, yellow roses (for friendship), or a bouquet that includes a variety of rose colors. Valentine's Day roses are very special and signal to the recipient that you really care about them greatly.

Valentine's Day Chocolates - Women love chocolate and this is why chocolate is one of the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day. There are many creamy and delicious chocolate candies to choose from. You can find out what your partner likes and get them a large box, or pick up a surprise assortment of melt-in-mouth truffles, assorted chocolates, etc. Ladies, if your guy is a fan of chocolate, get himself a cool-looking large bucket, bowl, or mug and fill it to the brim with chocolate kisses and miniature candy bars.
Jewelry - Women, and many men, enjoy receiving fine jewelry on Valentine's Day. While diamond jewelry is very popular this time, you can also give them a silver or gold neck chain, bracelet, or even a pendant, pendant, or brooch. If your love wears a watch, this would be a great time to give her a special watch style that you know she would really like.
Cuddly Bears - Teddy bears aren't just for kids, many adults love receiving a teddy bear as a gift. A furry bear is a perfect way to say "I love you" and create a comforting feeling in your partner. Valentine's Day bears come in all sizes and colors. Small bears go well with gift baskets, while large bears can make a standalone gift. Every time they squeeze their cute Valentine bear, they will think of you.
Love Coupon Book - Create your own coupon book just like the ones you get in the mail. There are many love coupon book ideas that you can include. For example, your coupon book may have good coupons for things like a neck massage, a romantic evening, doing the dishes, babysitting, time for peace and quiet, a date to see a movie, a time to talk. , a night of dancing, a walk in the parking lot together, a box of chocolates, a bouquet of favorite flowers, singing a special song, etc.
Traditional or Handmade Valentine's Card - Valentine's Day is one of the highlights of the greeting card industry. Love is in the air and there is a card that says "I Love You" for practically every situation. But you don't need to buy a card, in fact, it is better if you create your own card that reflects how you really feel in your own words. Don't worry if you are not an artist or a poet. Get some poster board and cardstock. Take a marker and write your feelings. Your handmade Valentine card will be one of a kind.
Romantic Music CD - Romantic Valentine's Day music comes in all genres: rock, pop, R&B, classical, country, and jazz. There is a lot to choose from here. Maybe you can follow some of the old standards from the 40s and 50s, or buy a CD of easy-to-listen music that will put you and your love at ease and set you up for a night of passion.
Valentine's Day Photos - Photos make a great gift and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to give your loved one memory of that special moment or moment when you both took a great photo together. It could be a romantic photo, a photo of you at a special event, or even a crazy photo. Find a nice frame made of wood, metal, or ceramic.
Romance Movies / TV DVDs - There are hundreds of romance-themed movies and TV shows that focus on love and relationships. They range from funny to serious. Modern to old romantic movies. If your loved one likes to watch a favorite romantic movie, you can buy his or her own copy to watch over and over again. Of course, the best romantic movies were meant to be shared, so you need to volunteer to sit and watch the show with them at least once during a cuddle night.
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