How to Act on the First Date: Instructions for Use
Tuesday, 29 September 2020

 Okay, you're going on a date and you already know with whom. That's good news. All that remains is to ensure that the evening will not top your list of "10 most embarrassing events in my life." 

 How do you make a good impression without looking arrogant? There is some simple dating etiquette to follow. It does not matter whether you are one of singles in Denver, Boston, NY or any other city, these 5 simple rules will help you survive your first date with dignity.

Choose a place where you both feel comfortable (but not too secluded)

If you are a heterosexual man, you must have never been particularly concerned about dating safety. This is not the case for gays and women: every third woman in the world has experienced sexual or physical violence (to collect statistics on LGBT people is more complicated, but they also often face violence). Dating sites advise making dates only in public places and say goodbye without regret if you are invited home.

Of course, restaurants are the most common option. However, for example, Boston singles complain that it is too expensive for dating. If both of you are open to extraordinary scenarios, nothing prevents, for example, going for a walk with the dogs in the park. Having a pet is a noticeable plus when meeting. At the same time there will be something to talk about.

Wherever you agree to meet, don't be late

This might seem like an obvious tip, but being late is still one of the top three failures on a date. There can be a thousand different reasons for being late, from wanting to postpone this exciting event to the brain’s ability to underestimate a familiar route. Being late is perceived not only as a sign of insecurity but also as a sign of disrespect.

Turn off the sound on your mobile

Digital etiquette is a new thing. Nevertheless, there is nothing worse than push notifications that distract both of you during a conversation. Singles in Denver advise you to put the phone face down so as not to be distracted.

Be truly interested

The first date can easily turn into your benefit: the desire to show all your strength and look like the best version of yourself is completely understandable. Stop. Remember that interest in the other person is very important: the ability to ask questions about his/her life and listen. Plus, pop culture can help you out (new movies and TV shows are a good place to start). For example, Boston singles can discuss Good Will Hunting or The Miracle Worker filmed in this city.

Keep track of what and how much you drink

There are no convincing statistics on how many dates started with the words "let's go and have a drink". The argument for is clear –  alcohol temporarily (temporarily!) improves social skills and increases confidence in one's attractiveness. The arguments against are obvious too. Besides, in the morning, you can get a hangover. 

In any case, no one knows better than you about your relationship with alcohol, so it's up to you to decide what and how much to drink. There is only one important piece of advice for drinkers, especially women: do not leave your glass unattended. Just in case.

Perhaps some of the tips will seem obvious to you. However, these are the very foundations of “polite” dating that keep a positive first impression. Happy dating!
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