How to Make an Open Relationship Work
Friday, 26 October 2018

 If you are willing to live with the challenges involved, it can be a very exciting and fulfilling experience. However, like any other types of relationships, an open one requires a lot of hard work. Below are eight ways to ensure that yours not only survives but thrives against all the odds. 

 Open relationships are slowly but very surely making their way onto the mainstream love scene especially in the online dating community. 

How to make open relationships work

1.Are you ready?

Open relationships are not for the faint of heart. From a distance, it seems like a lot of fun having your cake and eating it too. However, you have to deal with things like insecurity, jealousy and even health risks. So do not just focus on all the good things that this lifestyle has to offer. Weigh the risks and make sure that you are ready to bear them. 

2.Figure out why you are doing it

There are many reasons why people get into open relationships,buttwo are very common. The first is lack of faith in the monogamous system and the second is an unwillingness to have to choose between multiple options. Figuring out your intentions makes it easier for you to find like-minded people for more successful open relationships. 

3.Let all your partners in on it

More often than not, open relationships include a primary partner and additional love interests. The main lover needs to know that the relationship is open. However, to avoid other issues and complications, it is just best to ensure that everyone involved is aware of the situation. 

4.Make your expectations clear

What do you expect from your main partner? Answering this question allows the two of you to adequately prepare for the challenging, albeit fulfilling, journey ahead. It also ensures that neither of you ends up secretly hurting. 

5.Be open and honest when you feel jealous

Jealousy is inevitable with open relationships no matter have above if you think you are. Even with online dating settings, this is still a major challenge. The most important thing to do is to ensure that you tell your partner as soon as the green-eyed monster visits you. Failure to do so results in resentment and insecurity that turns something beautiful into a toxic mess. 

6.Consider granting and asking for veto powers

With open relationships, you can never go wrong with a no-no list. It is a list of people that you are not comfortable with your primary partner dating or sleeping with. It might seem unnecessary,but it will spare you a lot of stress down the line. 

7.Set boundaries

Take time to figure out exactly what the limits to your open relationship are. What are the two of you comfortable with the other doing? Setting these boundaries protects both of you from emotional, social and even physical stress. 

8.Be safe

If you are getting intimate with any of your accessory lovers, make sure you use protection. It is just a matter of common courtesy to protect not only yourself but your main beau and his/her extra lovers. Also, a different kind of safety matters. If you are online dating, make sure you first meet in a public place.

Bottom line

Open relationships have a lot to offer. These eight tips and tricks should help you get the most out of your experience. So buckle up for the ride of your life whether you are in it for fun or you are making it a long-term lifestyle change. 
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