Sustaining Long-Distance Relationships with Latina Women
Friday, 26 October 2018

 After months or even years of searching, you have finally found your Latina Ms. Right and boy is she perfect. However, the distance is taking its toll on the both of you with the conflicting time zones, lack of physical contact and many other challenges. Do you give up after all the effort you put it? Or do you turn your life into a soap opera and fight to the death (not literally) for your love?

 Proximity is not the end all of the relationships. The numerous success stories from LDRs that worked should also be a source of inspiration. The important thing is that you both do your parts to keep each other happy and content. If you don’t know where to start with this, here are seven ways you can keep your Latina lady happy in yourlong distance relationship. 

1. Make time for her

If the words ‘I was too busy’ have ever left your lips (or fingertips) as an excuse for ignoring her then you need to think about your life. If you truly love this woman, then she should be a priority. This means not only investing but also sacrificing time where it is needed for the sake of getting to know each other. So, instead of snubbing her text or phone call, simply spare a minute or five from your busy schedule to let her know she is appreciated. 
2. Invest in regular and constant communication
Long distance relationships thrive on constant and consistent communication. So, get ready to put in the work to make your exotic partner happy. This means texting, calling, and video chatting as often as possible. Remember that you are not just doing this for her. This communication allows you to get to know each other, build trust and sustain a healthy relationship. 
3. A little flattery goes a long way
Women love to hear compliments; even strong confident and feisty Latino ladies do. Therefore, make sure to sprinkle a natural complimentnow and then when you talk. Compliment her smile or messy hair when you have your video calls. Tell her how nice it is to hear her soothing voice at the end of your day. 
Just make sure that you are genuine about it. This is because women, basically all of them, can smell a fake compliment from a mile away. 
4.Surprise gifts
I mean, who doesn’t like presents? This is a great way to show your love and appreciation for your partner. These days, great Latin niche dating sites like include a gift delivery service to make sending gifts that much easier for you. 
5.Show interest 
Get to learn about your beau’s country and culture. Making this effort shows that you are interested in the woman not only because of her amazing looks but because of the entire package. You can do this by asking questions about things that matter to her. Or you could surprise her by doing some research on your own and flaunting your newfound knowledge when you interact. Imagine the smile on her face when you finally manage to say a full sentence in Spanish. 
6.Surprise visits
If your wallet allows it, pay your girl a visit. Trust me; nothing will make her happier. It is also a great way to get some much-needed progress on the physical intimacy part of the relationship. It could be a simple hug or full-on bedroom escapades. 
7.Be clear about your intentions
Finally, you will make your Latino partner happy if you are very clear and open about where the relationship is going. No one wants to waste their time, money or emotions on a relationship with no future. So, if you plan to take it offline and make it long term,let her know as soon as possible.
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