Top 10 Signs the First Date Went Well
Friday, 20 March 2020

 Every one of us is wondering after the first date: did you interest the person? Is there any opportunity you are going out together again? 

 How to know if a date went well? Today prepared 10 signs of a good first date. So start reading and decide if your first day was successful.

1. The meeting was longer than you expected. Providing you spent more time together than you planned before, it means that you are interested in each other. You had a lot of topics to talk about, it was exciting and in the future, you won`t feel embarrassed and tensed.

2. Both of you talked equally. In healthy relationships, both partners should talk, not only listen to each other. If you didn`t spend the evening keeping silent and your partner had something to say, this is one of the signs a date went well.

3. You laughed at the same jokes. A sense of humor is very important in the relationship, and when people have a common sense of humor, it makes everything easier. Supposing you were relaxed enough to laugh and make jokes, everything went fascinating.

4. You didn`t ignore eye-contact. This is a very intimate way to create contact between two people. People may use insecure and worried during the first date, but once you or your partner didn`t ignore eye-contact, the first date may be considered as successful.

5. There was physical contact. This is one of the best proofs of a good first date. Try to remember if there were “accidental” touches, hands holding or even kissing, you may start thinking of going for a second date.

6. You didn`t use your phone. Nowadays we take our phones with us everywhere and use them all the time. However, if the conversation is interesting, you don`t use your phone and enjoy the evening with a nice person. Still, if your partner checked the phone once, don`t worry: maybe he\she is waiting for a call.

7. You discussed “future plans”. Supposing you start talking about possible plans for next week, places you would like to visit together and so on, you can be sure that this is one of the signs a first date went well.

8. Body language. As you notice that your partner is leaning towards all the time, tries to sit closer to you and stay around you all the time, it is an amazing sign. Such behavior means that your partner likes you and even unconsciously wants to show it.

9. You continued the date. You had a nice conversation in a restaurant, it`s time to say goodbye, but you two decide to have a walk or visit another place. That`s perfect and it means that you two want to enjoy the evening together as long as it`s possible.

10. You kissed. If there was a kiss at the end of your evening, you definitely don`t have to worry about how to know if a first date went well. A kiss means that your partner liked you and hopes to meet again!

If you had a nice evening but you keep hesitating about was it a good first date, you can remember if there were these signs and get ready for a second date!
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