Why Is It So Difficult To Find Love On The Internet?

 Everything seems to change so fast in this seemingly ageing world. And while a mention of the word change almost always sounds political, the truth is that change is attacking every aspect of our lives. 

 Yet there are some things you would wish to see remaining as they were some twelve years ago-like love and relationship. You read the stories of Romeo and Juliet, or Portia and Bassanio; and you are instantly pulled to start looking for this true love. While these stories found true replications in the days of our grannies, today they are just stories that awaken some “weird” and unfounded wishes. Apart from a few traces of true love that you catch in a few Hispanic dating sites, nothing seems to spur hope. But why is it that the internet, which has made everything better, cannot make love better? Why is dating so hard love on the internet?

What you get is superficial and shallow

What the dating sites allow or enable you to see and know about the prospective partner is very shallow. In fact, it does very little to see a girl’s portrait and know her name and age from a dating site. And what value do you get in knowing her star? How does that relate to her character? Dating sites have gathered a lot of what seems relevant to love but is absolutely not. Unfortunately, enthusiasts have been convinced that these things have some kind of relationship with love, but that is absolutely wrong. So you get the perfect match, but before your first serious date, things have fallen apart.

The “better option” is always an inch away

Perhaps the biggest problem is that even after launching these relationships, they are maintained via the same dating sites. The risk is that the man or lady does not shut his/her eyes and stop seeing more beautiful portraits, just because the two of you have made some baseless commitment. You know what this person was looking for was, and stands to be beauty and some little lies. It is impossible to find that beauty that puts him to rest. So the next morning you try to catch him, you will be shocked to realize he’s scooped another jackpot!

Makes you picky and judgmental

It is a good thing to have many options whenever you have to make choices, but it is dangerous to have so many good options-you are certainly going to make the wrong choice. When everything looks good, the only thing you can look for is a fault, you will never lack a fault when you go looking for it. and because there are other good options, a fault in one man or woman means you quickly land on another.
Weak foundations
For most people pursuing internet relationships, the motive is always to be at par with their peers. You look at a friend or classmate chatting with his internet lover, and you quickly feel like yeah-this is just the best thing to do with this time when the exams are still so far away. The problem is that the relationship wasn’t your idea, but you simply got into it because you had nothing to do, and it’s what everybody around you seemed to sink into. Immediately you get a better way to spend your time, you will want to be out of the “stress”.

The scam that is the internet

Most dating sites are established to make profit. Profit comes when you make bad look good. Enter a Latino dating site and you will find impossibly beautiful girls and men, yet the truth is that you will date an angel online, only to catch the demon on your first physical meet.

Relationship means sex and the like

While the word love is too difficult to define, you will agree with me that it means something bigger than sex, money and status. The problem is that relationship and money is what relationship nowadays stands for. Many online pursuits for love are utter futility because they are entrenched on good looks, good living, good sex, good money and good status. No one seems to care about love, so how will they find it?
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