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You Need To Know About Sex Toys for Couples
Wednesday, 05 May 2021

The sex toy market has exploded in the last decade, which is brilliant in terms of our levels of satisfaction and sexual well-being. But it can make choosing something to try quite daunting. Websites full of brightly colored silicon phalluses can be unpleasant if you are new to buying sex toys.

When used correctly, the right sex toy for couples can help create intimacy between you two and ensure that you both receive the highest level of enjoyment. You don't know where to start? Take a look at the guide below to see which toys would best improve your sexual journey with your partner.

By far one of the most common and popular toys on the market, there are hundreds of different vibrators available, some with the aim of pointing to that elusive g-spot. If you and your partner are new to this type of toy, start with the lowest vibration setting. Some people are more sensitive than others, so a higher setting may be too much for some people. Start low and increase the vibration speed when you both feel you want it. There is no need to worry about a vibrator that makes too much noise: with silent technology, Durex covers it with its range of vibrators.
Forget rubber ducks: invest in some excellent waterproof toys that you and your partner can use together in the bathtub or shower. Make sure they are specifically designed to play in the water, so that they are suitable for use in this environment. You may not need lubricants when using sex toys in the bathroom or shower, but if you need some extra moisture, make sure that the lubricant you choose is also suitable for playing with water.
In addition to sex toys, there are several accessories that you can try to improve your sexual pleasure. Ribbed condoms, flavored lubricant and flavored condoms can add a little more excitement to your sex life. You will be surprised how many different flavors there are.
Buttock plugs are an easy and exciting way to make sex feel much naughtier. It is a taboo area, but for many people anal sex is a bit intense. The plugs make a perfect compromise, and if you are aware of using one, you can always insert and remove it in the privacy of the bathroom. This is great for two reasons: it's pretty (a traditional Valentine's offering is usually jewelry) and its metal. The weight of the metal makes it feel solid and heavy, pressing its erogenous zones. If you are new to anal play, you may want to raise it to room temperature before using it, since the cold of the metal makes it even more intense.
More people who have never begun to discover the benefits of using toys in the bedroom. However, today's sex toys are not only designed for long and lonely nights: there is a wide variety of toys available for couples who enjoy both couples.
In fact, just using a sex toy with your partner can improve communication in the relationship. The research commissioned by We-Vibe found that more than half of couples who buy sex toys often talk about intimacy, compared with 28 percent who do not. And what leads to effective communication? Better sex and sexual confidence.
The results also found that 30 percent of couples who support vibrators have no qualms about giving instructions in the bedroom to climax, compared to only 17 percent who do not. For 52 percent of these couples, sex toys do keep things exciting in the bedroom. If that wasn't enough, a study by Chapman University found that women and men are more sexually satisfied in their relationship when they were more open to using sex toys together.
Of course, toys for couples are not limited to vibrators, although they are quite popular and great. There is a large selection of sex toys created specifically for couples, and a variety of ways to use an individual toy for couples.
We contacted several owners of sex shops and asked them to recommend the best sex toys for couples in their stores to ensure you get the best that the industry has to offer.
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