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10 Marketable Skills to Learn Online While You're Stuck at Home
Thursday, 30 April 2020

It's commonsense to make the best use of your time at home by improving your skill set. These are the most marketable skills to learn online now and in future.

About 8 million people now work from home completely. That's 5.2% of the country's workforce. Meanwhile, 43% of Americans work from home occasionally.

With the coronavirus inspiring everyone to stay inside, however, that number is expected to jump higher than ever.

Take advantage of all the time you're spending at home! This is a great chance to sharpen your skill set and learn something new. Here are 10 marketable skills to learn while you're home.

With these tips, you can strengthen your resume by learning a new skill online!

Improve your skills and bolster your personal brand with these 10 things to learn while you're stuck at home.

1. Coding and IT

Interested in becoming a web developer in the future? Maybe you want to learn a new skill like coding. There are plenty of online resources available to get you started.

For example, The Odin Project offers the tools you need to start coding. The Odin Project is an open-source project. It pulls from curriculums across the web, including a portfolio of projects you can learn from.

Coding is a great skill you can learn online that can strengthen your resume. By learning how to code, you can help your team with website updates, small programming projects, and more.

While coding is a great skill to have in your repertoire, you might want to start elsewhere instead.

The smallest IT problems can have a big impact on your productivity. If you're working from home, you likely can't call an IT expert to fix the problem for you. Instead, consider learning a new skill like IT basics.

For example, learn how to utilize the computer programs you use daily. Go beyond the basics by reading up on tutorials or watching helpful videos. You can also learn how to use certain platforms such as Slack, Asana, and Wrike to boost your team's productivity.

Make sure you understand the devices you use each day, too. Can you set up your phone on your own? What about making basic computer updates?
If you know the basics, take it a step further. The more you know, the easier it is to fix major problems in the future.

2. SEO and Google Analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing tool all businesses need to know how to utilize. SEO helps your website content rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. A higher ranking will help you appear in front of more customers as they search for your product or service.

Most people don't look beyond the first page of Google search.

By boosting your SEO ranking, you can build brand awareness, attract more leads, and increase sales. A higher ranking will also position your website above the competition. As a result, you can establish brand credibility and show customers that you're a credible authority in your niche industry.

Learning how to SEO-optimize your website takes time, effort, and the right tools. It's also important to note that Google's SEO algorithm changes constantly. The time and effort you put into learning a new skill like SEO will prove itself in returns.

In order to make the most of your SEO strategy, consider learning a little about Google Analytics, too. Google Analytics will help you determine which blog posts and pages are attracting the most traffic. Then, you can continue creating similar content to attract more leads!

3. Podcasting

There are currently over 800,000 active podcasts with over 54 million podcast episodes currently available worldwide. Podcasts are easy to consume, engaging, and a great way to connect with customers. If you're looking for marketable skills to learn during a self-quarantine, learn how to podcast!
You can start by obtaining the right equipment, choosing a topic, and creating a script. Then, get going! Don't forget to market your podcast to attract new listeners.

4. YouTube

In addition to podcasting, learning how to create high-quality video content is a great skill you can learn online. In addition to learning how to create and edit videos, you'll also want to learn how to utilize YouTube effectively.

Learning how to update a portfolio, post videos, and attract viewers can become an attractive, marketable skill you can use while hunting for a job!

5. Photography and PhotoShop

Eighty-six percent of employees say they're most productive when they work alone without distractions. Now that you're free of distractions, take advantage. These marketable skills to learn on your own can strengthen your personal brand.

It's not enough to snap and save a photo. Instead, learn a few basic photography skills by reading tutorials, watching equipment reviews, and getting out there!
Then, learn how to use Adobe Photoshop in and out. This program is a great way to make sure your photos appear in the best possible light!

6. Technical Writing and Copywriting

Learning how to write instructions, manuals, and proposals can help someone in any field. If you're looking for marketable skills to learn, don't neglect your writing abilities.

Don't forget to use what you learn about SEO to improve your writing skills, too!

Want to use your new skills to find a job in the medical field? These UMA reviews are proof that an education in the medical industry is a great place to start your career!

7. WordPress Design and Development

Many companies use WordPress websites to reach their target audience. Learning how to navigate the backend of a WordPress website can give you an advantage among other job applicants. You can post to the company blog, update the online store, and keep page content fresh.

Learning a few design and development skills will ensure the site is running at its best, too.

8. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective marketing strategy for reaching out to customers online. You can pair what you learn about SEO to learn PPC platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Google offers free classes online to help you learn the basics and more!

9. Keyboarding

Many jobs require hours in front of a computer. To make the most of your time, avoid the "hunt and peck" typing method. Instead, head over to; a free online typing tool that can help sharpen your skin!

Typing with better accuracy will improve your productivity and help you avoid costly mistakes.

10. Microsoft Suite

From Microsoft Word to Powerpoint and Excel, learning how to use the Microsoft Suite is essential. You never know what documents you'll need to create, edit, and share. Learn beyond the basics and discover the tools that can benefit your entire team's productivity!

Set for Success: Marketable Skills to Learn While You're Stuck at Home

With these 10 marketable skills to learn online, you can make the most of getting stuck at home! These skills can bolster your resume and help you stand out from other job applicants. Otherwise, your skills might fall behind the curve.

Looking for more learning opportunities? Check out the Education section of the blog today!
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