10 Rose Alternatives for Your True Love

 One of the most romantic gifts that women love to receive not only during special occasion but anytime they want to feel loved, is flowers. Though roses are considered to be the favorites when it comes to bouquets or any flower arrangement, you can still find lots of alternatives that could also help you express your love. 

 Specially prepared by Little Flower Hut, listed below are some of the most romantic flowers that you can give to your loved ones aside from roses. 

1. Magnolia 

This gorgeous flower has the ability to capture the heart of your special someone. It can create a romantic atmosphere when placed in a vase while having a dinner with your partner. You can look for large magnolias for a flower arrangement and choose soft-colored blooms to represent your sincere love and passion. 

2. Jasmine

When looking for a type of flower that signifies beauty and grace, then Jasmine is the answer. This is a petite flower that is perfect for someone special in your life. 

3. Peony 

Peony is known as the floral symbol of China. These blooms look delicate and feminine that would be very perfect for your girl. This is a popular wedding flower that could last up to 100 years. Aside from showing its beauty, peonies also symbolize happiness and good fortune which are important when nurturing a relationship. Some of the common colors of peonies include yellow, pink, and purple. 

4. Sunflower

You would surely want to put a smile on your loved one’s face. So, if ever that you are thinking of a flower that will surely brighten up her mood, then you can give her a bouquet of sunflowers. These flowers have distinctive appearance and also popular when taking photos. You don’t even have to give your love a bouquet of sunflowers because even by giving her a single stem, she would already appreciate the gesture. A bouquet of sunflowers represent adoration, warmth, long-lasting love, and happiness. 

5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a famous flower during autumn season. It symbolizes happiness and optimism which is connected to daisies. Chrysanthemums are not only suitable for bouquets but they can also be used for sweet teas to treat various health conditions. 

6. Tulips

Starting up a new romance can be very exciting. You can express your feelings of excitement by sending your special someone with a bouquet of pink and red tulips. According to the Turkish legend, tulips symbolizes perfect love. You can also give yellow tulips if you are seeking for forgiveness or if you want to encourage cheerful thoughts. 

7. Carnation

Not everyone can afford to buy expensive bouquets for their loved ones especially if they are also planning to give some to their friends on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Mother’s can express their undying love with pink carnations. You don’t have to wonder why lots of people go for carnations because they are not only budget-friendly but you can also choose from a wide range of colors for different flower arrangements. 

8. Lilies

For an elegant arrangement that can be a great alternative for roses, lilies can be a bold choice. Lily symbolizes innocence and purity to show how deeply in love you are to your partner. Lilies differ with their meanings. White lilies represent virtue, chastity, and the purity of the Virgin Mary. For friendship and devotion, you can send Peruvian lilies. On the other hand, for wealth and prosperity, you can have the pink stargazer lilies. For anniversaries, lilies are the 30th anniversary flower while for 2nd wedding anniversary, you can have the lilies of the valley.

9. Orchids

Orchids originated from Brazil, Hawaii, and Amazon Basin. They are perfect for a tropical arrangement that will surely add up style to your floral mix. Orchids symbolizes beauty, luxury, and love. These blooms are graceful and delicate and you can have different species of orchids to choose from that are available in unique designs. No wonder why these flowers are popular not only for bouquets but also to people who love gardening. In the ancient Greece, orchids are related to virility. Pink orchids are the 14th wedding anniversary flower that conveys pure love. 

10. Gerber Daisies

Red daisies can be an unexpected but sweet choice for a bouquet instead of giving roses. A multi-colored bouquet of daisies can be a simple way for you to say “thank you,” “I admire you,” “you make me happy,” and “I love you.”  The meaning of daisies varies according to colors. Red daisies represent deep love while pink daisies symbolize adoration and admiration. Yellow daisies mean cheerfulness and white daisies are for innocence and purity. 

Expressing your love through flowers doesn’t always mean that you’ll go for roses. You can try other blooms that could also represent your feelings like the ones listed above. Besides, women easily appreciate flowers no matter what type it is. The thought of giving them flowers is enough for them to feel loved so you don’t have to go for blooms that are expensive. 

Though roses are considered to be the most popular bloom, there is nothing wrong about trying other flowers for a bouquet. The beauty of flowers is distinctive that anyone will surely appreciate. You can even look for blooms that are perfect for your budget and can already be used to create stunning bouquets not only for your special someone but to your family and friends. Just make sure that you’ll give fresh flowers to your girl if you want to make an impression. 
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