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10 Ways To Make Homework Time More Productive
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Make Homework Mobile

According to experts, having a designated area where a child can sit down to do homework is the most effective way to go. And they have a point. But not all kids are the same, and sometimes it is more productive to make their homework area mobile. Something like a homework caddy will do just fine if you want them to be close to the family while finishing homework, seeing as it holds all the stationary necessities they require.

2. Forget About Sitting

More and more office workers are adopting the trend to stand at their desks instead of sitting. This is because it promotes a healthier lifestyle in general. For example, it improves core stability, energy levels, and it provides more weight control. Thus, if the kitchen table is high enough so that your child can stand and work comfortably, why not try it? For those kids who don't feel like standing just yet, start with a fitness ball and work towards standing.
3. Use The Correct Grip For A Pencil
Not only does the wrong grip result in untidy work, but it also strains the hand and tires it out very quickly. With the right grip, your child will be able to write for longer periods of time, and their work will look much better. A great way to help them get used to the grip is to let them hold a tissue in the same hand gripping the pencil. This will ensure there is enough support from all the fingers.
4. Get Children Separated
For the parents who work with multiple kids at the same time and struggle with space, Becky from Organizing Made Fun has a blog with an ingenious yet basic solution. Just add desk dividers. In addition to keeping them focused on their own work, the dividers can serve another purpose as well. For example, it can be used for storing stationary, or even the pegs that are going to be used for the homework line.
5. The Homework Line
All you need is a piece of string stretching from one side of the room to the other, which can be achieved via basic thumb tacking. And everything your child has to do in terms of homework gets pegged on this line. It doesn't really matter where you hang the line, as long as they have access to it and don't forget about it.
6. Let Them Get Organized
Setting dates on a calendar and planning things out is a very "grown-up" thing to do, which is why kids love doing it too. So, either print out a calendar or buy a cheap one they can use to get organized. Then, let them put down important dates, especially if it is related to school and homework, and see how effective it can be.
7. Establish A Routine
For kids, a routine can be a very good thing if balanced correctly according to James Goldsmith of 11plustutorsinessex.. In this case, you want to establish a specific time for homework, and you want to stick to that routine. Whether it happens before or after school, a routine is important for making homework sessions more productive. Do your best to implement one that is comfortable for you and your kids (if you plan on being with them).
8. The Pomodoro Technique
Coined after the tomato shape of the prototype timer used with the Pomodoro Technique, this is an incredibly effective strategy to keep children motivated. Basically, they do homework in intervals. For example, they work for ten or twenty minutes before the timer goes off, giving them a five or ten-minute break. When the timer goes off again, it's back to homework. Given that younger children really struggle to keep their attention on a single thing for long periods of time, this technique can do wonders. Basically, you just have to set it to a time that is comfortable for your child. Younger kids should be using short intervals while older kids can use longer ones. As a side-note, the Italian, Francesco Crillo, is the man behind this productive homework system.
9. Teach Typing As A Skill
Typing is no less important than it was when the first typewriter was created, and it's a skill that will serve your kids well into their future. In addition to helping them finish their homework quicker, it will give them more confidence online. If you want some interesting ways to teach your kids typing, try the following:
- Big Brown Bear Keyboard Game: A colorful way to teach typing
- Keyboard Climber: A monkey-themed keyboard typing game where you have to help the monkey jump across the moon in record time
- Cup Stacking: They have to type the letters, which will appear on cups
10. Stay Out Of Their Homework
For younger kids, it is a lot more fun to do homework when mom is close-by. However, it doesn't necessarily mean they want you to help them. Instead, use this time to get some of your own work done. Let them go ahead and do what they need to do, knowing you are close enough if they have a problem. In fact, finishing up your work next to them will most likely inspire them to work a little harder.
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