4 Reasons why Commercial Spaces need Carpet Cleaning Services
Tuesday, 12 November 2019

 In the past cleaning, carpets were a task saved for big occasions, as it required specialist equipment and a hefty fee, and of course, some people do still choose to hire an expert to do this for them. However, these days cleaning your carpets at home has become a regular feature on the weekly or monthly chores list for lots of people.

 Some are probably motivated by the need for a home with floors which areas clean and germ-free as possible, regardless, the emergence of more affordable carpet cleaning machines designed for lighter domestic duties has also really helped push this activity into the mainstream.

Commercial cleaning services and carpets

There are hundreds of commercial premises in every neighbourhood which employ cleaning contractors to take care of their office cleaning, alongside janitorial chores in school, factory, warehouse or restaurant spaces.

This means that regular tasks such as:

•         cleaning windows
•         dusting and polishing
•         mopping
•         toilet cleaning
•         rubbish bin collection and emptying

will be done regularly and keep things looking nice. But is it enough? Some commercial cleaning companies go the extra mile and offer a specialist carpet cleaning service too.

Why bother cleaning carpets in a commercial setting?

It may seem like a pointless task, especially if they get a lot of traffic which makes it difficult to keep them looking top class for long. However, we reckon there are lots of reasons why this is a misguided approach, and here we share just a few of them.

1.      It extends carpet life

Carpets are not a cheap thing to buy, so it makes sense to take care of them properly and extend their life as long as possible.

The cost of cleaning them will always be much less than having to replace carpets earlier than you planned, and considering that having floor coverings in decent shape is crucial for any business that wants to be taken seriously you could easily end up spending a fortune on repairs or replacements, particularly in high-traffic areas like stairs, hallways and entrances.

Professional level cleaning is the only way to truly deep clean a carpet and seriously slow down the speed the fibres fail.

2.      Carpet cleaning makes your commercial space look fabulous

What kind of impression do you want to give when people enter your commercial space? Whether you welcome guests, visitors or solely employees an obviously clean and nice smelling carpet does a lot towards creating a pleasant atmosphere.

3.      You can reduce health risks

Carpets are perfect for trapping everything from pollen to tiny particles of dust and dirt which are then automatically propelled into the air as people walk on them. This can have a serious impact on people with health conditions that affect breathing. 

4.      Bugs are a thing of the past

Yikes – nobody likes to think that there may be thousands of tiny mites and bugs living deep in the fibres of your carpet, and feasting on food crumbs and skin flakes. They poop, they also die, and their waste and bodies can eventually lead to a rather smelly carpet that is unpleasant to have around. The regular professional cleaning will eliminate these bugs and their debris.
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