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4 Things You Shouldn?t Forget to Have on Your Baby Registry
Friday, 29 January 2021

Preparing for a new baby can feel a lot like guesswork at times. No matter how much advice you are given, you are still left wondering just what items are considered to be essential and which ones are essentially a waste of money.

The thing to remember is that all babies and all families are different, for that matter. Depending on some of the parenting decisions you will make early on, you might not need some things that other families found indispensable. Ultimately, as you look to compile your baby registry list, you should do so with your own vision of those first few months in mind.

That being said, there is a small number of baby items that most parents would say they could not do without. While certain things like whether or not you would like your baby to use a pacifier or whether you are going to use a bassinet or co-sleep will dictate much of what you include on your registry, here are four items that you should not forget to have on your list.


1. A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are essential items to have for any new parent for safety reasons and peace of mind. Even though your little one will most likely be sleeping in your room with you for the first few months, there will be times when they are napping when you will want to be elsewhere in your home.
Furthermore, those first months will fly by, and before you know it, your little one will be sleeping in their own room. Having the best baby monitor will help you keep an eye on them while they sleep. Make sure that you find the monitor that has all of the features that you want. Good video quality, volume control, and even walkie-talkie features are available these days, so do your research and select the one that gives you all that you will need.

2. A Baby Bath

Even though you probably won’t be giving your new bundle of joy their first bath for a week or two, you will still need a safe place to do so when that day arrives. A baby bath that fits comfortably in your shower or bathtub will be the perfect place for your baby’s first head-to-toe wash.
Some parents prefer to use a support of sorts instead of a full-on bath, but that decision will mainly be dictated by the amount of space you have to work with. As long as the bath you choose will allow you to follow all baby bath safety guidelines and recommendations, then you will be just fine.

3. A Sling or Carrier

Those first few magical days with your baby are ones wherein you might never want to put them down. As sweet and tiny as they are, you are happy to carry them around and sit with them in your arms all day. That being said, for practicality purposes, you will need a way to carry your little bundle of joy around while still retaining the use of your arms.
Moreover, they will start putting on weight quite quickly, making it difficult for you to walk around with them when you need to. This is where a baby carrier or sling can help a great deal. You will want to take your little one on walks, and doing so will be much easier when you have a comfortable carrier to place them in.
The specific type of carrier you choose will depend on personal preference. Some parents appreciate the back support that a structured carrier allows, while others like how comfortable their newborn can be in a sling. Whichever you prefer, make sure that this item is included in your registry.

4. Plenty of Comfortable Clothes

Most parents not in short supply of baby clothes by the time their little one is born. Simply put, people love buying outfits for a baby, and will often buy clothes for them to grow into. However, you will find that most of those outfits are a bit dressy for the day-to-day and are not conducive to all of the naps that your little one will be taking in the early days.
For this reason, make sure to include plenty of onesies, both long and short sleeve, on your registry. You will be surprised at how many times you need to change your baby’s clothes throughout the day, and it never hurts to have some extra onesies lying around.
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