5 Beginner Crochet Christmas Projects
Thursday, 14 November 2019

When you first begin to crochet, you may be overwhelmed at everything you need to learn. Especially when the Christmas season approaches and you want to make gifts for the holidays, you may be wondering what is feasible. Luckily, there are many beginner crochet projects that fit into the Christmas theme. Here are some ideas to spark the imagination.

Throws and Blankets: Not as Difficult as You May Think

Blankets may seem like a big undertaking when you’re a crochet beginner, but it’s an excellent and easy project when you’re starting. Giving a handmade gift like a blanket is a way to give someone something personal and individual to them, and you can craft it with love.

To begin the project, mesh plaid colors together to get a cozy, Christmas look. All you have to do is stitch a base of horizontal stripes that mesh together. Then, form vertical stripes by making chains that are woven over and under the mesh. If you fall in love with this design, then you can use different colors for other occasions throughout the year.

Christmas Tree Bottle Topper

There is no doubt that a Christmas tree bottle topper is a fun, novelty project that would be an excellent gift for all the wine lovers in your life. Use any range of Bernat yarn colors that you desire for your tree – you could even do one Christmas color in a monochrome style, like green.

A Decorative Christmas Wreath

What would Christmas be without a holiday wreath to accent your home? A crochet wreath is perfect for beginners, and also leaves room for creativity. You could add poinsettias or other holiday flowers to the wreath, or any personal adornments that would suit the style.

Cozy Ornaments

When it comes to ornaments, there are many options you can choose. Take a shape like a tree, reindeer, or the Gingerbread Man, and crochet it into an ornament and add some more beauty to your holiday tree. You can go two ways with this project – either use the traditional holiday colors, or select colors that match your home’s décor.

These ornaments can go a long way because you can use them as stocking stuffers or gift toppers, and make a unique one for each family member and friend on your list. To add some extra fun elements, you can glue on buttons and beads for a tree, buttons and a chenille stem for the reindeer, and buttons for the Gingerbread Man.

Get into the Fun with Stockings

Stockings don’t just make a charming home decoration, but they have been a Christmas tradition for centuries. You could crochet stockings for each family member in individualized colors. If stockings are something you look forward to every year with your family, then this project is perfect for the occasion. Stockings are easy to crochet with a classic design that comes in many crochet patterns.
Now that you have a jumping-off point, it’s time to get your crochet gear and start your holiday gift-making projects. Trying out these beginner crochet projects is a fun, creative challenge that will sharpen your crochet skills, and bring joy to your loved ones.
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