5 innovative wall decoration ideas you should follow

Doing the Deportation of wall is a pleasurable, easy, inexpensive and uniqueactivity. Also you don't have to spend a lot of money. With some changes, it becomes a magical place that changes the aesthetics of the whole house.

To decorate the wall, SOHU sets aside a classic painting with a gold frame and certainly suggests other ideas that no one told him. Are you going there?

1. Stones

A variety of stone sizes and shapes are available. Always according to your taste. Simply select what you need and follow the steps below.
Features –
• Choose a wall because selecting multiple walls can be very expensive
• Put glue or cement
• If you do partial, you need to consider above all
• Apply them and dry them
• You may need to cut or sand the edges
• Can remain rustic
2. Photo with lights
It is a fashionable decoration to decorate the wall and it is spectacular in the dark corner of the house. Wall decorationlight upthe wall and gives them transcendence. The most excellent thing is to preferimages of your respected ones, your instant and the spaces you meet. The subject can be as broad as your mind.
Features of photos with lights–
• Black and white photos of various sizes
• Brooches are hanging wooden clothes
• Rustic twine
• Dry leaves
• Light
Instructions for putting photos on wall–
• First, select the wall where each photo will be placed
• Place a nail on one end of the wall where you want to start decorating
• Next, tie a rope to that nail
• Continue digging the other side and the lower side
• Tie the rope to the nail
• Place a photo with a wooden brooch on the rope in any way you like
• Finally, add light and dry leaves for a final finish
3. Wooden cube
A good way to give the wall a third dimension. You can try another way of decorating. The size, colour and distribution may differ. Ideas to decorate with cubes:
Features –
• Anyway, white paint size
• Painted in many different shapes and sizes, with different colours
• Interior vintage colours and antique objects
• Brown or white books side by side
• Pink or light blue with children's room toys
4. Vertical garden
When there is a wall to decorate with plants, it is called a vertical garden. They are special for urban interiors without green.
Features –
• Absorbs contaminating particles from the environment
• Provide greater biodiversity
• In summer, the ambient temperature drops several degrees
• Create happiness
• Enjoy time to fix
Instructions –
• Closet type shelf. You can make a mini garden by placing one under the other
• A small pot that can be placed randomly
• It can place vines
5. Niche
They are indentations made to decorate the walls. They have become a very fashionable option. It can be one or more symmetrically. As a result, the monotony of smooth walls is eliminated. You may need help to make a space. But finally, you can make the final finish.
Features –
• You can leave the same wall material or change it
• You can also put wood in the frame
• Decorative items, books, portraits are arranged. Whatever you want
• Looks great when the lights are on
It should be noted that a single wall can change not only your home's view, but also your mood, your health and your well-being. Make craft and make the most of your space.
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