5 Tips to choose the perfect shampoo
Monday, 16 September 2019

The secret to get perfect hair is in a routine of daily grooming and often follow some care.

In this sense, choosing best clarifying shampoos and treatments is part of that process that will help you keep your hair clean, protected from the weather and also prevent the accumulation of contaminating waste.

Hygiene is a source of health. It is not only aesthetic and to achieve both in your scalp and hair you must wash them thoroughly. Only then you can avoid deposits of sebum, that the hair becomes thinner, weakens, breaks, falls ill or falls out.

Although the shampoo was only used at home as a general product that everyone used the same for a long time, today it is known that opting for the most appropriate helps reduce the use of other repair products, stylized and that is what makes it look spectacular.

Whether it is oily, dry, processed or straight hair; each type requires a different cleaning function and specific formulas that benefit them. But what is the correct way to determine the shampoo that works best for our hair?
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This is simple, just follow these 5 tips to choose the best product for you and decide to give what your hair needs:

1. Dry hair. Surely you are mistreated easily and have a tendency to dehydration, in this case you will have to get a shampoo with humidification , essential oils or even keratin to fight frizz.
2. Fine or straight hair. It is best to choose a shampoo that generates volume. It is important that it be free of parabens or sulfates so that you can avoid a decrease in its density.
3. Oily hair. It should be washed very frequently and to avoid mistreating it use a soft shampoo that cleanses the scalp and prevents the accumulation of waste .
4. Heavily processed hair. Whether by dyes, wicks, bases or any chemical application, it is necessary that you use a special shampoo that hydrates but at the same time intensifies the tone or nuances it to avoid yellowish tones. The important thing is to provide the cleaning you need without hurting because the hair may be weakened.
5. Hair loss. Regardless of age, there are times when hair falls out for no apparent reason. It may be due to stress, hormonal imbalances, aging or consumption of any type of medication. As a first step, a shampoo that controls the fall and helps strengthen it is recommended.

Washing allows you to keep your hair healthy and in the best conditions for growth, choose the most suitable one and include a gentle drying after showering and personal styling equipment in your hair care routine.
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