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6 Reasons Why It Is Time for Your Business to Go Green
Monday, 10 May 2021

Change can be intimidating in the world of small business. With great risk comes the potential for great reward, but the opposite is also true. The wrong decision can cause significant financial loss. You have to consider your company’s health as well as your financial wellbeing and that of your employees. That’s why some business owners are reluctant to jump on the green movement bandwagon.

The good news is that in 2020, we have a lot more information and better technology than we did a decade ago. You can make informed decisions that are good for the planet and your bottom line. Connect Electric wants to show you why it’s time for your business to go green.

Reducing Waste Also Reduces Cost

Waste is money going right out the door. One aspect of going green is to find ways to reduce your waste output. There are many easy methods you can use starting right now. For example, save energy by turning off lights in unused offices. You can also print fewer documents by using digital copies. Instead of tossing empty ink cartridges, you can refill them.

If your employees use company vehicles, consider switching your fleet to hybrid or electric models. It’s good for the environment and can save you a small fortune in fuel costs. Electric vehicles also have fewer moving parts, which reduces the amount of maintenance required to keep them on the road.


Eligibility for Tax Incentives

Going green opens your company up to local and federal tax credits and incentives. Eligibility and availability will vary based on your location. For example, Florida offers a corporate income tax credit to businesses that sell energy obtained through renewable sources. The state also offers rebates and grant programs.

If you use hybrid vehicles, the IRS provides an alternative motor vehicle credit. The federal government also supplies a tax credit of up to 26% for solar energy use.


Improved Reputation and Public Opinion

The public is more eco-minded these days. Many consumers seek out brands that use sustainable methods for material sourcing, production, and distribution. Some people will even spend more on products made by businesses whose culture line up with their personal beliefs and interests.

When you go green, it will give your reputation a positive boost. That can be great for sales and help you make connections within your industry.


Green is Healthier for Your Employees

Going green can be healthier for your workers. Switching to green cleaning and office supplies can reduce the number of harmful chemicals in the workplace.

Employees with respiratory conditions may feel more comfortable when you use products that don’t contain chemicals like nitrobenzene or sodium hypochlorite.


Positions Your Company for Longevity

Some states are taking steps to legislate sustainability for businesses. In California, emissions allowances are heavily enforced. This has led to companies like General Electric and FedEx actively reducing their emissions.

Making changes now will prepare you for regulatory requirements that may come later. It will help your business adapt gradually, allowing you to remain in operation as new laws come into effect.


Selling Point for Staff Recruitment

Give the best job candidates more reasons to apply to your company. Many younger workers want to join teams that are eco-minded. Going green will give you another selling point when recruiting for important job roles.

If you’re ready to make your business sustainable, let Connect Electric know. We can help you learn more about solar energy and how it can help your organization save money and the planet.
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