6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Showering
Wednesday, 09 December 2020

 For some people, showering is just one of those things; you do it without thinking. For others, it's a time to relax, be alone, and go through a lovingly detailed cleaning routine. Some people love having a sing-song while they shower. Some people use it as a time to come up with witty observations for their social media.

 It's just like riding a bike. You never ‘forget’ how to shower. Except that most of us don't actually have great cycling technique, and strangely, the same can be said of showering.

 There are several ways to get more out of your showers, especially if you love to emerge feeling refreshed. If the idea of learning to shower now you're grown up feels weird and slightly insulting, give a few of these tips a try. You'll soon notice the difference.

1) Let's Start With Clean Water
When you're using water to clean yourself, it's a smart idea to start with clean water. Think about how far your water has to travel to get to you: how many pipes it goes through, how many plants and processes. Think of where it sits for days, and what tiny deposits it might be picking up.
A shower filter does exactly what you'd imagine: it filters out these deposits. Attachments like the best AquaBliss shower water filter purify the water and can contribute to stronger, healthier hair and nails. Many people can feel the difference in the water once it's gone through the purifier as they shower too, which can be a real game-changer.
 2) Now Let's Use a Clean Shower Head
The same deposits can build up in your shower head and cause it to clog. Do you sometimes think that your shower is getting less powerful? This may be the case. Additionally, the warm water that sits in the shower head and hose are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
Once a month or so, soak your shower apparatus in vinegar overnight and then scrape out what you can with a toothpick. Getting into the habit of keeping it clean will help you so much.
3) Shower Less
Showering every day isn't necessary or advisable, on the whole. Your skin and hair produce natural oils that make you look your best, and washing these off constantly can dry you out.
If you feel gross, go for it — or if you need to get away for half an hour. But a less-is-more routine can work wonders for your natural beauty.
4) Lose the Loofah
A loofah is a beloved part of the shower routine for many. It can also get kind of horrible. Yes, it's a good way of applying soap, but being repeatedly soaked in warm water and dirt and then left to sit makes it a love nest for germs.
Four tips for if you have to keep it:
Replace it every month or so
Shake and squeeze as much water out as possible after showering
Don't share it!
If you live with others, store it high up, away from the falling water. This will stop it from getting wet when they shower and avoid their body dirt falling onto it
5) Cool It, Part 1
This one hurts because I love hot showers and hate cold water, but it is good for you. Firstly, turn down the temperature. Most experts agree that lukewarm water is the best for your skin, as it doesn't destroy the natural oils that give you a healthy glow.
6) Cool It, Part 2
Okay, so you know how you rinse dishes under cold water before drying to prevent that weird smell? Your hair won't smell if you dry it hot, but using the same method for hair makes for a more beneficial shower.
Giving your hair a blast under cold water after you shower seals up the cuticles, just as warm water opens them. This helps create shiny, glossy hair. Come on .20 seconds of misery for days of great hair. Just grin and bear it.
Good Shower Routine, Good Day
Updating your shower routine so that it brings out your natural beauty means that you can feel good all day long. Change up your routine — you'll see the benefits straight away! 
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