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6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like New
Thursday, 08 April 2021

Years of living in the same house or apartment can easily make you feel like you're in a rut.Sure, there's an enormous reward in coming home to the same comfortable space after a hard day's work. But sometimes, you just feel like a slight change or upgrade is needed.Sadly, the notion of moving is simply too impractical and definitely not necessary. Especially when there are several ways you can make your home feel like you've just moved in!Let's take a look at six of our favorite ways to make you feel like you're stepping into a brand-new home.

Invest in Some Art

There are countless websites where you can buy beautiful, quirky and even iconic pieces of art. The right painting or sculpture in the right spot in your home? This is a wonderful and unique way to tweak its aesthetics.

Before buying art from a large retailer, check if local artists are selling their wares at markets or co-ops. Knowing the background of the artist adds value to the piece. Plus, it makes for a great conversation starter!

Replace Curtains with Blinds

This could go both ways, frankly. Swap out the way you block or let the sun into your house by bringing in blinds or curtains.

Since there are so many design choices with either of these two, another option is to simply change the blinds or curtains that you already have. Look at modern trends or even keep the same style but purchase a new set for a refreshing change.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

This may surprise some as an approach to feeling like you're living in a new home. We're all capable of giving our homes a thorough cleaning, aren't we?
Not the way professionals do it.

A house cleaning service offers techniques and equipment that most home-owners haven't even heard of before. They're reliable and will often find ways of cleaning parts of the home that's never occurred to you to clean.

Whether you want your kitchen, bathrooms, or bedrooms sparkling from ceiling to floor, get in touch with the experts.

Several services are so affordable that having your house properly cleaned regularly is extremely reasonable.

Upgrade the Aroma

A very modest investment is a set of scented candles from Devon Wick or even incense. These can make a huge difference to the feeling you get when walking into a room.
One of the great things about this approach is the number of options available to you. There are hundreds of different fragrances you can bring into your home.

Bring Some Nature into Your Space

Nothing makes a space feel more welcoming than a beautiful healthy plant. Head down to your local nursery and have a word with one of their specialists.
After noting the details of the room you want to decorate with plants, as well as the spatial constraints, they'll be able to help you select the ideal plant.
It is extremely important to take note of how to care for your plant. Depending on the climate and the plant's needs, there could be very specific ways to keep it thriving.

Get Rid of Clutter

Doing away with the things you've accumulated and no longer need has a massive impact on your enjoyment of your home. So easily, a room that used to feel spacious and airy can make you feel claustrophobic if you're not careful about what you allow to take up space.

Go through every room in your house and ask the question of whether you really need to keep every single item in it. Try not to be too sentimental. Making some extra breathing room is worth the sacrifice!
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