7 Efficient Household Hacks that Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze
Thursday, 13 February 2020

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to start anew; it is a way to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. It gives our homes a better look, improves the air quality of our homes, enhances our mood, and makes us very open to welcome visitors.

But many people dislike the idea of spring cleaning, which is understandable because doing it is not always so fun, it can be very stressful. Let’s admit it; it’s a lot of work. But once you have it, it feels great and refreshing. To make you love spring cleaning, here are efficient household hacks that make spring cleaning a breeze.

Declutter before you clean

It is essential to remove mess, organize, and prioritize before you start cleaning. Becauseit will take a lot of time than usual if you are trying to clean a disorganized space.Throw out items you no longer need. You should also put useful things, you don’t use into the donation bin. Additionally, visit our website to know more about new house cleaning hacks.

Clean your ceiling fan with a pillowcase

Did you know that one of those things that instantly freshen up your room is dusting the ceiling fan? But, people sometimes struggle to get it done and, it can get dust everywhere. Worry no more; you can get an old pillowcase, cover the blade of the fan with it, then pull the dust off as you pull off the pillowcase, so that the dirt will go into the pillowcase instead of the floor or bed.

The dishwasher is not only for the dishes

Other than plates, cups, and cutlery, there are tons of things that you can toss into your dishwasher without having to worry about faults. It is a great appliance, which you can use to clean plastic toys, hair and makeup brushes, refrigerator shelves and many more.

Do not wash windows on sunny days

Starting your spring cleaning with windows is one of the best ways to embrace spring and to make your home look bright right away. However, strong sunlight will cause your windows to dry too quickly, leaving streaky lines. It is essential to time your cleaning; it is best to clean windows on cloudy days.

Time yourself

Set a timer as you are cleaning, and challenge yourself to get things done within the scheduled time. Try to break down the task into their simplest form and allocate a short period. This will not only make you stay focused and efficient. It will also motivate you to perform the task. Since the time allocated is short, you will not postpone the task but do it right away.

Use lemon and vinegar to clean hard water spot

For taking hard water spots off surfaces, you can just use a homemade solution of vinegar and lemon juice to rub faucets, showerheads, and toilet, with a rag or a dryer sheet. This will not only remove stains but will also leave behind a fresh and natural scent.

Be realistic when it comes to cleaning task

Just because it is spring cleaning does not mean that you should do something beyond your capacity. It is advisable to schedule your cleaning so that you will not be overwhelmed about completing your tasks. If you try to overdo your ability, you may end up accomplishing nothing.
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