7 Must-have Truck Accessories of 2019

 We have outlined the top must have truck accessories of 2019! Figure out which accessories are perfect for you with this guide!

 The global auto parts and accessories manufacturing industry has generated a total revenue of more than $3 trillion in 2019. Most truck owners know that half the fun of owning a truck is outfitting it with the accessories that help personalize its appearance and function.

Truck accessories include those meant to protect the vehicle and those that help make the ride better. So what are the must-have truck accessories of 2019? In this guide, we’ve included seven of the best truck add-ons out there. 

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Undercover Storage Box

Who doesn’t need more space in their trucks? An undercover storage box is among the top 10 truck accessories you can invest in. 

Unlike having a toolbox or two at the back of your truck that would take up space, an undercover storage box fits neatly into the sides of your truck bed, over the fenders. You can attach the case to the sides of the truck bed using heavy-duty bolts and hinges.

Another benefit that comes with the undercover storage box is that it doesn't slide around, and it's not vulnerable to criminals. Ultimately, the undercover storage box increases your storage abilities without taking up unneeded space.

The undercover storage box can fit any type of truck bed. It’s a cool way to always carry your tools without ever cluttering your storage space. 
A Hitch Extender

One of the top problems truck owners face is realizing they don't have enough room to transport their kayaks, lumber or other kinds of haul. A hitch extender instantly solves this problem. It's one of the best truck accessories to max out a truck’s storage.

The hitch extender bolts securely onto the hitch of your truck. The hitch extender extends farther than the truck's open tailgate, giving you a reasonably sized rack capable of holding longer materials easily and more safely.

Some hitch extenders come with maligned predrilled holes. The solution to this problem is a return and replacement of the hitch. Otherwise, a hitch extender is an affordable product that gives you more room to haul larger materials. 

Customized Floor Liners

How much abuse have the floors of your truck endured? Floor liners are among the awesome truck accessories that can help spare your vehicle any further damage.

These floor liners are customized to fit your truck. They're different from standard floor mats in that they have a unique shape that helps trap debris and dirt, keeping the truck's carpet as clean as possible. Additionally, they’re remarkably durable.

Most of these floor liners are a lot thicker and more rigid than the standard floor mats. Therefore, you can confidently step on them with your work boots and load heavy tools onto them.

Perhaps the only downside to these cool truck accessories is that their dirt and debris trapping feature makes them more difficult to clean as compared to standard rubber mats. Fortunately, you’ll hardly need to take them in and out of your truck often.

Full Bed Liner

A full bed liner is one of the classic accessories that every truck needs. The best bed liners are made from a rugged, weatherproof, carpet material. There are different versions of this great product, so you can always find an ideal option for you no matter the kind of truck you drive. 

Other than full bed liner being a perfect fit for your truck, it's also remarkably durable. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about the liner getting torn through no matter the cargo you are carrying. And since the liner is chemical and liquid-resistant, you can confidently carry materials like bleach and oil. 

A full bed liner is one of the best fun truck accessories in the market for sure. It has a soft surface that’s gentle on cargo, yet its material means that longevity is assured. To keep your bed liner in the best possible condition read more here.

Truck Side Steps Are Must-Have Truck Accessories

How often have you or your family members had trouble getting into your truck? Adding side steps to your truck is one of the best ways to tackle this problem. The best sidesteps are made of aluminum to support as much weight as possible.  

Most types of sidesteps are a universal fit. Therefore, every truck owner can benefit from them, regardless of what model of truck they drive. 

Perhaps the best benefit of these steps is that they’re simple and rugged. With a little bit of drilling, one can install them. Before you make the final decision to purchase these trucks, check for compatibility as not each truck has an easy way of mounting them.

With time, the steps will, of course, wear off. Therefore, you shouldn't expect them to keep their sleek, black color forever.

Waterproof Seat Covers

How do you get the interior of your car to look and feel good at the same time? Waterproof seat covers are some of the best solutions out there. Most types of waterproof seat covers are universal and will fit just about any model of truck out there.

Waterproof seat covers provide adequate protection for the interior of your car. Usually, they’re made from highly durable, waterproof PU leather. They’re soft on the outside, while their interior has a durable rubber lining that keeps them from sliding and slipping while in use.

One of the best things about waterproof seat covers is that they efficiently repel liquids. Therefore, if your truck is prone to spills, these covers will keep it safe.

Truck Bed Ladder

How often do you climb in and out of the back of your truck? A truck bed ladder can make it easier for you to do so. They're especially beneficial for people who regularly haul things using your vehicle.

The ladder attaches securely to your tailgate using a secure hinge. When you’re not using it, you can easily fold it out of your way.

Get These Must-Have Truck Accessoriesto Your Today

As you can see, there are lots of must-have truck accessories that can help you get the most out of your truck. Choosing the right accessories will instantly set you apart while you’re on the road, while also giving you more utility from your truck.

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