Baby, It's Cold Outside: A Guide to Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance During Winter

 It's a no-brainer that the fireplace and chimney (if you have one) is used the most during winter. Here's your guide to chimney maintenance and fire hazards!

 Lower fuel costs and less pollution are some of the advantages of owning a fireplace. While it has amazing benefits, not taking care of your fireplace can end in costly repairs. Avoiding these repairs is as easy as doing your fireplace and chimney maintenance before it's too late.

You may think leaving it to the experts is the best choice. Believe it or not, it's easy to keep your fireplace in top shape. Don't know how?

We've got you covered. Here are our top 5 tips to take care of your chimney and fireplace maintenance today.

1. Make Sure to Close the Damper

Closing the damper when you aren't using your fireplace can help you maintain it and lower your energy costs. The damper is the mechanism that seals your fireplace, prevents cold air and animals from getting into your home.

If you leave it open, your home temperatures will rise during the summer and lower during the winter. Either way, your HVAC unit will be working overtime trying to maintain your home's temperatures, therefore skyrocketing your energy bill.

2. Remove and Clean the Ashes

We may love enjoying lighting a fire to keep everyone warm, but we often forget to remove the ashes from the fireplace. Believe it or not, not keeping an eye on the pile of ashes in your firebox can cause fires to burn out fast.

A good practice is not letting more than an inch of ash accumulate in your fireplace. When you remove the ashes, you should make sure to put it in a fireproof container and repurpose it for other uses.

3. Clean Your Fireplace's Glass Doors

If your fireplace has glass doors, the soot or dust can stick to them. You should keep them clean by using soap and water or a razor to remove any thick layers. Maintaining your fireplace's glass doors clean will help you set a cozy atmosphere and keep a clear view of your fire.

4. Install a Chimney Cap

Installing a chimney cap is a must to protect your chimney. Have you installed one? If not, you should get on it soon to protect your fireplace and chimney. This appliance is installed at the top of the chimney to prevent critters and debris from getting in while keeping moisture out.

5. Schedule an Annual Chimney Inspection

You may think inspecting your fireplace and chimney isn't necessary unless something goes wrong. However, you should always schedule an annual inspection and chimney sweep. Having an expert survey your fireplace and chimney will help you prevent any costly repairs.

Can You Take Care of Your Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance?

You can take care of your fireplace and chimney maintenance by implementing our tips. Always prioritize keeping the fireplace and surrounding areas clean. You may also consider upgrading your fireplace and chimney.

Before making any changes, you should contact an expert and schedule an inspection. Ask for their advice on what upgrades you should consider and request a quote. Maintaining and upgrading your fireplace may not be at the top of your list, but it's essential to keeping your home in top shape.

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