Bearing PDF: Reducing the Size of PDF Files Using PDFBear
Wednesday, 22 July 2020

 Having a small file size is almost impossible with PDF or Portable Document Format since we use them to get the best image content such as data, reports, and other illustrations. But, after finishing our work and fixing everything to get the final version, we always have a hard time sending the PDF document due to its incredibly large size.

 Thanks to innovative developers of PDFBear, they created a software that allows you to reduce the file size of all your PDF files without affecting the overall quality of the images. Not only that, but they also have other tools to help you handle all your PDF documents without any hassle. The best thing about all of their features is that they’re free.

One other problem you’ll have to deal with having uncompressed PDF files is your device or cloud storage memory. We all know that there’s always a limit with memory, and we don’t want PDF documents to dominate the memory space. Otherwise, our devices will start to slow down and perform poorly. 

Thus, for you to properly handle PDF files, here are some things to know about reducing the size of PDF files using PDFBear.

Fast Compression Without Losing Quality

PDFBear knows what it feels like to compress PDF files to reduce the size significantly and lose the quality of the image content. Thanks to their software and well-thought-out algorithm, you can now compress pdf without any worries. The reason being is that you can compress any PDF files no matter what size without affecting the quality of your pictures.

By heading to the “Compress PDF” section of PDF Bear, you can select or drop the files and upload them to the server of PDF Bear. After uploading the file, you have to choose an available option as to how you want your PDF document compressed. After selecting a compression option, PDFBear will compress your PDF document and be ready for you to download it.

Compress on Any Device, Anywhere

One of the fantastic features of PDFBear is that it doesn’t limit you to use their tools on a single operating system such as Android or Windows. Instead, their software supports different platforms such as iOS, Linux, and Mac. So if you don’t have your device with you, you can compress PDF files using your coworker’s device anywhere you go.

Further, PDFBear has a user-friendly mobile website version with fast loading times, even if you’re using mobile data. You won’t have any problems with sending documents late because of their efficient PDF compress.

Upgrading Your PDFBear Experience

Going PDFBear Pro allows you to access all their tools to handle your PDF files and have unlimited task conversions. If you’re in the business industry that mostly handles data, records, and information on PDF, you always have to optimize your documents for ease of shareability.

Further, PDFBear’s Pro package, you’ll have priority with everything, including customer support. One advantage that PDFBear has that allows you to utilize its tools entirely is that it has storage space for all your files. So you won’t have to worry about deleting other files to have space for your work documents.


PDFBear’s software ensures that you won’t have to face any more problems when handling large sizes of PDF files. With their efficient PDF compression tool and all platform accessibility, you can comfortably reduce the size of your PDF files anytime you want.
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