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Buy Glasses Online with Vision Direct
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Did you realise that you could have your prescription eyeglasses delivered on to your doorstep? You would like to be certain that once you order glasses online, you're getting accurate lenses to match your needs.That’s why retailers like Vision Direct will want to be as accurate as possible when it involves your prescription.

Don’t worry, you don’t get to be a tech whizz. In fact, you can follow these simple steps to order glasses online, that make this an accessible choice to all glasses wearers! Follow this easy guide and you’ll be able to order glasses online today!

1. Get Your Prescription

The first thing you'll have to do is visit your optometrist, whose job it's to obviously identify your vision needs. they're liable for writing you a prescription and answering any questions you've got about your eye care. Opticians should even be available to assist you when it involves your custom-made glasses. they're responsible for services like measuring pupillary distance and offering information to assist you select the simplest lenses and frames for your prescription.

Vision Direct’s Virtual try Technology

Once you've got your prescription available, you'll visit Vision Direct and choose any eyeglasses or sunglasses that appeal to you. Glasses are personal to everyone and that’s why Vision Direct has come up with a virtual try-on tool (VTO). This technology allows you to virtually try glasses using your webcam so there are not any surprises or style risks.

2. Get the Perfect Frame

Do you already have a pair of glasses in mind? Search through Vision Direct’s extensive collection of designer eyeglasses or sunglasses and order directly online. Vision Direct has options for all budgets, styles, and eye care needs.

Frame shape

The right eyeglasses frames will bring out your greatest features. The primary thing you ought to consider is face shape. All you've got to do is look within the mirror to work out your face shape then you'll get to shopping.

Frame size

Knowing which glasses will suit your face best is vital when it involves choosing the proper eyeglass frames. If your glasses are too big or too small, they might be disproportionate to your face. If they’re too loose they won’t be secure to your head while too narrow could prevent proper blood flow. If you’re just looking to get yourself new frames but just like the way your old ones fit, simply take a look at the measurements engraved on the temple.

3. Enter Your Prescription

Once you've chosen your frames, the sole thing left to finish the process is to fit them together with your prescription lenses. At Vision Direct, you'll enter this information manually or upload it within the system.

Vision Direct is the world’s most trusted online eyewear retailer. Whatever your style or eye care needs you’re bound to find what you’re trying to find from their large selection of designs and makes. Vision Direct offers you a 24-months warranty, FREE shipping and that they guarantee you the simplest price within the market.
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