Chipmunks Gone Bad - How to Keep Them Away From Your Garden

 Living near a forest or in a green area with plenty of trees, bushes, and grass is the dream for many people. But, as fascinating as the concept may sound, sometimes it’s best to stick to the little house on the prairie instead of the little house in the big woods. You may love waking up to deer, chipmunks, and squirrels first thing in the morning for a while but when they will start preying on your crops and destroying your beloved garden, you might want to move back to the city and find a decent flat on the top floor of a building. If you want to keep your edible plants and herbs for yourself but don’t want to harm pests or use dangerous chemical substances, there are still some solutions to your problem. Let’s take a closer look at your personal Alvin and the chipmunks' team and see what you can do. 


 What are chipmunks? 

These animals may look cute but they can seriously damage your crops and destroy your backyard in a matter of hours. These distant cousins of squirrels love nuts and acorns but this doesn’t mean that they won’t go through your veggie garden as well, feeding on everything from mushrooms and celery to herbs, fresh berries, and even some flowers. 

Similar to other rodents, chipmunks have lifelong growing front teeth that force them to munch on anything. This means that your garden, as well as your trees, flowers, and even small birds that you love hearing in the morning are at risk because of chipmunks. 

As we already stated, although they are considered pests, chipmunks don’t need to be exterminated to remove them from your property. There are several ways to determine them to leave on their own terms. 

Remove them with strong smells

If you ever came close to a chipmunk, you probably realized that these cute animals strongly rely on their noses to find food, shelter, and other members of their pack. They always seem to stop and sniff the air, which means that strong smells can attract them or, on the contrary, make them go away. 

Keep in mind that chipmunks are not fans of strong smells of eucalyptus, garlic, cinnamon, peppermint or citrus, meaning you have a strong shot at removing them forever by planting these herbs and ingredients.
If you’re not a gardener, the good news is that essential oils that you can pick up at any local health food store should do the trick as well. 

All you have to do is pour a few drops of them on the roots of your flowers, trees or other plants, and chipmunks won’t come near them. On the other hand, you will have to reapply the essential oils once a day. A simpler solution is to mix a few drops of oils with water and put the solution in a spraying bottle, which you will later use on all your plants in the garden. 

Use traps 

Traps are another effective way to keep chipmunks off your property in the long term. Since these are small animals, you can use the same traps that you would normally use for rats. 

If you don’t know exactly which trap to opt for, this article is meant to clear the air for you. Just make sure the cages you use for trapping them are big enough to not harm the animals. 

Scare them away 

Chipmunks are small in size, so they naturally fear big predators. You can use this fear against them without turning your backyard into a zoo. 
All you have to do is look online or in pest control shops for lifelike owls or other large-sized figures of animals that are scary enough to keep chipmunks away. Some of the owls are also equipped with motion sensors, meaning that they will start making noises or move their heads whenever a pest approaches your garden. 

Remember what we previously mentioned about strong smells? You can consider urine one of those smells that will definitely repel chipmunks. You just have to let your pets use your lawn or backyard as their bathroom in the morning for a few days in a row.
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