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Dangers of a Leaking Roof
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Generally, people say a leaky roof can cause accidents, compromised structure, and fire hazards.

But do you know that a leaky roof can impact your health also?

Everyone encounters many problems in their home, but a leaking roof is a problem that no one can put off. Vertec Roof Repairs remind us that the roof is an essential component of a house or a commercial building. It protects us from the elements and protects the owner's entire investment, and it can leave the home/building worthless in some instances. From water seeping into the underlying structure to causing an unexpectedly great deal of expenses, leaking roof brings several dangerous situations.

Dangers of a leaking roof:

It is very important to notice and take care of the leaky roof because it can lead to great damages to the property as well as your health if left unattended.

Toxic moulds and mildew issues:

Water leak causes moulds and mildew that are probably the most common and severe problem. Once these moulds get established, it can be very costly and hard to remove it. The toxic moulds produce mycotoxin that is extremely hazardous to health. Moulds generally cause issues for people with asthma or other respiratory problems. While the poisonous moulds can trigger health issues even in healthy individuals and cause:
  • Eyes swelling
  • Respiratory infections
  • Elevated risk of bronchitis
  • Nose and throat issues
  • Lungs and skin infections
  • Neurological problems
The mould spores can also cause some other health issues like soreness, skin irritation, memory loss, and severe lung problems in infants.

Causes structural damages:

It is not about ceiling and attic only, but the roof and plumbing leakages can cause major structural damages. These damages are related to ceiling joists, wood deterioration, wall framing, rafters, and walls with pipes. All this needs an extensive and costly repair.

Causes fire hazards:

It is unexpected, but water leak can actually cause fire hazards. Leakage near electric wiring increases the risk of a short circuit, which can result in an electrical fire.

Water contamination:

A leaky burst or broken pipe that brings water to the household can be the reason of contaminations in tap water. Different contaminations enter into the pipe and can lower down the quality of drinking water also.

Excessive utility bills:

Leaking water makes its way through attic, roof, and ceiling that makes its way there and saturates the insulations it comes across. Due to insulation damage, people need to spend more money on heating and cooling systems. Continue leakage of water will make you see a higher water bill with more energy consumption and increased utility bill.

Deterioration of home structure:

Leakages compromise the structural integrity of a home/building. When water enters inside the ceiling joists or framing, the wood starts getting rot. This entire situation requires professional help and significant expense.

Weaker structure:

If the water leakage gets prolonged, it starts damaging wall framing and rafters also. Water damaged wood causes damaged ceiling and peeling paint. The entire structure of the house starts getting weaker, and it can easily fall that can ruin things underneath.
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