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Does Inversion Therapy Work In Relieving Back Pain?
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Inversion therapy is a really old form of therapy. It is basically hanging by your feet or legs. This practice is said to be therapeutic. It is usually done on an inversion table. Even though you can do this therapy by yourself at home, it is advisable to have someone watch over and assist you especially if it is your first time. It is also best to start with a slight angle and progress from there.

Is it true that inversion therapy works well in relieving back pain? From research, many people recommend the use of inversion tables in treating back pain. Let's get into details and see how an inversion table works and whether it treats back pain.


Inversion Therapy and Back Pains

A big percentage of adults suffer from back pains at one point or another. It is important to note that this is a symptom of many different conditions. It is therefore important to consult a doctor before taking on any form of treatment. Just because a treatment worked for someone does not mean it will work for everyone with back pains.
The technique that inversion therapy works on is stretching out your spine and shifting the gravity of your body. It uses the weight of your own body. In so doing, the pressure on your back is eased and pain relieved. If used over time, it can get rid of your back problems. It increases the circulation of blood through the surrounding muscles and therefore improves your general back health. Inversion therapy can be used by people who do not have back problems as a preventive measure.
Day to day activities take their toll on our spinal disks. We constantly put pressure on them and this may lead to collapsed spinal cords or backaches. Inversion therapy helps to improve the space between these disks. Apart from keeping your spine in great shape, it also prevents back pains.
Muscle tension is a situation where the body muscles seem to be contracted. As a result, lactic acid builds up and leads to pain. A lot of people, especially those who put too much pressure on their backs, get back pains as a result of muscle tension. Inversion therapy stretches out the Para-spinal muscles and the soft tissues of the spine. This leads to improved flexibility and a more relaxed, less painful back.Treatments like solpadol are perfect for pain relief.
By decompressing the muscles, this therapy provides better posture, gets rid of muscle imbalance, properly aligns the spine and elongates the muscles. This helps to prevent future back pains and improve your general well-being.
When a disc degenerates, its inner gel may leak and form a ‘bump' that puts unwanted pressure on the surrounding nerves. Depending on the part of the body that this happens, a lot of pain is experienced. Inversion therapy helps to increase the space between the vertebrae. This, in turn, causes a mild suction in the disc, encouraging the nucleus to get back to its appropriate place or exert less pressure on the nerve. inversion table reviews This will either reduce or totally get rid of your back pain.
If you are suffering from sciatica, a common cause of back pains, your sciatic nerves are compressed together. Inversion therapy will take the pressure off of your back. It also opens up your joints. As the pressure is reduced, so is the back pain. If you do this often, you may not even need to get surgery.

Other Benefits of Inversion Therapy

i) Flexibility. Over time, your body gets stronger and more suited to bend and twist without much strain. It also gives you a more straight posture
ii) Improved spinal strength. By relieving pressure and straightening out your spine, inversion therapy helps you get a healthier spine.

Disadvantages of Inversion Therapy

Like most good things, this one also has a few shortcomings. They include;
i) Overweight people may have a hard time finding tables that support their weight
ii) It increases blood pressure so it is not suitable if you are already suffering from high blood pressure
iii) It causes pressure in the eyes leading to interrupted pressure on optic nerves
iv) In extreme cases, it may lead to retinal detachment.
v) It typically offers only short-term remedy.


Inversion therapy is clearly a helpful way to get your back pain problems in check. Yes, it relieves back pains. It should, however, be done after seeking the help of a professional. If you would love to learn more about inversion tables, visit Setupmyhomegym.


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