Does shaving make facial hair grow faster?

Sometimes men who want to get a thick, long beard look for different methods to achieve this. One of those methods is to think that the beard grows faster with each shave. However, this is a misconception that experts strongly deny.

 There is a great deal of evidence that allows us to know the real procedures. On the contrary, there is no evidence or scientific proof that can assure this. Also, your hair will grow more or less depending on other types of factors. Below, we can mention some of them.

Exercise and maintain a healthy diet
Each one of these two aspects allows us to obtain a much healthier organism in general. Of course, this also promotes the growth of all the hair on the body, including facial hair.
Therefore, what is recommended here is an adequate intake of daily protein. Proteins are really necessary for the construction, strengthening, and adequate shine of the beard. In turn, you must consider some key foods, such as nuts, fish, eggs, and other meats, among others.
On the other hand, physical exercise manages to speed up the body's metabolism. When you exercise, your blood flow increases and is optimized. Increased blood flow allows for better distribution of the nutrients the body needs.
Finally, rest during the night should be of high quality. It is advisable to achieve 7 or 8 hours of rest to obtain good results. This amount of time is more than sufficient for the complete repair of the body.
Multiple vitamin formula
If you can't get a complete and healthy diet, there's a shortcut. In this case, biotin is an excellent supplement to obtain a favorable impact on facial hair growth. Specifically, it is a type of B vitamin that allows you to improve your beard growth.
Of course, no multivitamin complex only provides this particular vitamin. That is why you should consider a lot of high-quality options before choosing any vitamin formula. If you make the wrong choice, your body could suffer the consequences.
If you do not wish to opt for a multiple synthetic vitamin formula, there is an ideal food. In this case, one egg can provide 8.00 mcg of such vitamins. For your orientation, this value means 27% of the daily requirement.
As an alternative, you can opt for almonds. If you manage to consume half a cup of almonds you will be acquiring 14.72 mcg. Again, to help you get your bearings, this value is 49% of the daily requirement. So, if you incorporate these two foods in the appropriate amounts, they will improve the growth of your beard.
Various shaving tools
In this case, we should mention that the different razors do not directly affect the growth rate of the beard. However, the type of tool you use will allow you to obtain a certain shaving. In particular, you do not get the same closeness of shaving with any option you decide to use.
For one thing, power tools do not offer the level of proximity that a conventional razor does. However, you can get much easier and faster shaves.
On the other hand, using a regular razor means a much more affordable cost. Besides, the closeness of the cut is much greater. This way, you won't have to shave as often.
On the other hand, the disadvantage here is that it is very easy to injure some part of your skin. So, you will have to select the option that best suits your style.
There are also a large number of accessories that improve the appearance and health of your beard. Some of these implements are beard oil, beard balm, shampoo, and beard conditioner.
This way, your facial hair can be strengthened with the application of these resources. Moreover, several beard grooming kits provide excellent results.
Growth rate
To help you get your bearings, we can mention the average growth rate. Of course, there are always men who are below or above the general average.
When you can exercise and maintain a healthy and balanced diet, you can achieve a good growth rate. In particular, experts say that a beard grows by one centimeter every month.
In turn, in a year of growth, it is possible to obtain a length of 4.75 inches. In this case, it is advisable to apply the necessary accessories to make your facial hair healthy.
How fast does facial hair grow back after shaving?
As we have explained, the process of shaving does not affect the growth rate of the beard. On the other hand, testosterone and the body's functioning are what allow a certain growth rate to be obtained. Therefore, to obtain a high growth rate, these factors must be analyzed.
Why does facial hair grow so fast?
The growth rate of the beard can increase greatly if you get physical exercise and a healthy diet. An increase in testosterone also affects the beard's growth rate. Therefore, these aspects may explain the growth of facial hair for some men.
Can facial hair grow overnight?
Generally, beard growth is the same throughout the day in adult men. On the other hand, beard growth may be the same throughout the day in teenage men. As mentioned, the beard grows one inch per month in adult men.
Final Words
As we have seen, when you shave, the beard will not grow faster or slower. So, the question, "does shaving make facial hair grow faster?" is fully answered.
On the other hand, if you want to get more beard growth you can start with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Besides, this will allow you to improve the overall health of your entire body. A good promotion, right?
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