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Essiac Tea Benefits
Wednesday, 27 December 2017
Essiac tea is originally from Canada. It is an herbal remedy that a nurse by the name of Renee Caisse discovered. She started to promote its many benefits around 100 years ago.
She claimed that an Ojibwa patient from Ontario that she was treating had given her the remedy.


The name 'Essiac" is the nurse's last name spelled backward. Due to the many health benefits that have been reported it has been increasing in popularity. Reportedly it was used by the Ojibwa to purify the body and maintain a balance between spirit and body.

An Introduction to Essiac Tea

Four herbs containing certain biochemical properties are boiled to prepare Essiac tea. There is therapeutic value in each of the herbs contained in Essiac tea. However, when combined they have a symbiotic effect that is a lot greater than the sum of the four individual herbs. The following four herbs were contained in the original Essiac tea that the Candian nurse adapted and promoted.
Indian rhubarb root or Turkey rhubarb
Slippery elm bark
Sheep sorrel
Burdock root
Herbal tea that is made with these four herbs is one of the more popular herbal remedies used for treating cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. In addition, it is used as a form of palliative care for patients who have terminal cancer. The Essiac tea ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that provide the immune system with support.
Over time there have been new formula formulations that have been introduced and a modified Essiac version has made its appearance as well. The following ingredients are included in the new formulation that is sold under the name of Flor Essence.
Red Clover
Blessed Thistle
Despite this modification being introduced, the original four-herb formula is still the most popular since it comes with a proven track record dating back many years. Since the late 1920s, it has been working to cure patients. That is when Renee Caisse began to treat her stepfather and aunt who suffered from cancer.
How To Make Essiac Tea
You can purchase the four-herb original formulation in a pre-mixed bag form or you can source each herb separately to make your Essiac tea.
1-ounce powdered Indian rhubarb root or Turkish rhubarb root
1/4 pound powdered slippery elm bark
1 pound powdered sheep sorrel herb
6 1/2 cups cut burdock root
The ingredients are thoroughly mixed together and then stored in a dark, dry place. To make one quart's worth of Essiac tea takes one ounce of the herbal mixture. Boil it for around 10-20 minutes without a lid.
Essiac Tea Health Benefits
There are numerous health benefits offered by Essiac tea that may be used for various reasons. Below are some of the specific benefits that it provides.
Gives The Immune System A Boost
Herbal remedies focus on what a disease's underlying cause is by strengthening the inherent capabilities of the body to heal itself. Traditional allopathic medications, by contract, just mask a disease's symptoms.
Herbal remedies such as Essiac tea make it possible to permanently heal. Lab research conducted on Essiac tea in 2007 and then published in the International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment by Seely et al showed that Essiac tea helps to increase the activity of cells that are associated with the immune system working efficiently.
Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent
The immune system is stimulated by Essiac tea through restricting the release of chemicals that are related to inflammation. Essiac, as an anti-inflammatory agent, is especially helpful in treating the inflammation and pain that is associated with numerous medical conditions including cancer, arthritis and many types of infections including HIV and respiratory tract infection.
A Powerful Antioxidant
The original 4-herb formulation was used by the Ojibwa for its antioxidant property. It was used for purifying the body and maintaining a balance between the spirit and mind. This refers directly to Essiac's antioxidant properties.
Antioxidants scavenge free radicals. Free radicals are created as a by-product of certain basic biological processes such as oxidation. That is due to the reactivity that is caused by the reactivity and results in high-energy particles wildly ricocheting inside of the body.
It is well-known that free radical oxidation can affect cell cycle and possibly lead to the following:
Parkinson's disease and many other age-related health conditions
Liver damage induced by alcohol (more than just the alcohol itself)
Coronary heart disease
Malignant cancer
Some of the more powerful antioxidants that are contained in the herbal mix include the following:
Vitamins A, C and E
All four of the Essiac ingredients are rich in those antioxidants. Essiac has significant antioxidants affects that have been observed in lab investigations and were published in the 2007 research report that was mentioned previously.
Essiac was found to be a much more powerful antioxidant compared to cocoa, black tea, red wine and green tea. Essiac was very useful in treating cancer and in delaying age-related symptoms due to the antioxidant property contained in the herbal remedy.
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