Exploring the Time Frame of Your Lawsuit Against Lyft

 Like you, millions of other commuters leverage technology to get to where they need to go. In this modern world, ridesharing apps abound to make your life so much easier and your daily processes more convenient. 

 Lyft was started in The Bay Area, California by Logan Green and John Zimmerman. It has quickly grown to 460 cities and more than 70 countries worldwide. Lyft continues to be one of the public transport industry's prominent on-demand modes of service. 

The Occupational Hazard

As the Lyft service continues to provide drivers with income and passengers with convenience, there is one inevitable thing that these drivers face while they are on the road...an accident. 

A Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles noted that no one wants to get in a car crash and everyone does everything in their power to avoid it, but a road accident is one of the hazards of doing this kind of job. No matter how careful a driver is, he cannot control the conditions of the road, the weather, other drivers, and other pedestrians who share the same road. 

Lyft’s York Insurance Policy

In order to deal with these road accidents, Lyft carries the York Risk Service one million dollar insurance policy for the protection of the drivers, their passengers, their cars, and other possible liabilities. 

A ridesharing accident lawyer said that if you were recently involved in a traffic accident while driving for Lyft, while you were riding as a passenger for a Lyft car, or you were an innocent bystander hit by a Lyft car, then you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the Lyft company to claim maximum benefits from their Lyft York Insurance Policy.

If you want your case to be facilitated with ease, then consider hiring a legal professional. A Lyft accident lawyer noted that although this is a fairly new legal topic because it is a new technology, they have the experience and the vast legal knowledge to help you receive fair compensation for the problems they caused you. 

Whether you’re a Lyft car crash victim or a surviving family member in a Lyft accident, a reputable law firm will be able to handle your claims against Lyft with ease because they will help gather evidence, interview witnesses, and sort out all the details of your case. 

The Importance of the Settlement Process

If you are wondering how long it takes to get a settlement check from Lyft after your accident, you may be disappointed to find out that there is no clear cut answer. Each Lyft accident case is different, with details surrounding the case just as varied. Thus, there is no simple answer to this question because it is based on the nature of your claim. 

However, it is very important to settle this issue because you need to get compensated for all the troubles you faced after your Lyft accident. You could have minor or serious physical injuries, mental trauma like post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, damages to your property, lost wages due to being absent or fired from your work, and the trauma to your family. 

A ridesharing accident lawyer said settlement is a top priority because Lyft accidents really do often result in financial difficulties. Getting a settlement from Lyft’s York $1 million insurance policy will be able to help the you and your family members tide over the hard times.

Why Can a Lyft Settlement Take a Long Time?

A Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles said that it may take quite a long time to settle your accident because it is a complex process that entails a lot of procedures that sometimes result into unforeseen delays. You cannot expect to be given the money the moment you file your claim. There is no such thing as an instant settlement. 

It will take time to get that settlement check because there are procedural and documentary steps that must be followed, which have been set forth by the justice system for the protection of everyone. If you want to ensure you get the full compensation benefits and you are moving in accordance with the law, then you need to hire the services of a reputable personal injury lawyer. They will not just ensure the legalities, but they can actually help you speed up the process with their expertise. 

How to Settle a Claim With Lyft’s Insurance

It will take a bit of time to settle personal injury claims, claims for remuneration for loss wages, claims against damages to property, and/ or claims for punitive damages brought on by your Lyft accident. Settling the case will depend on the particulars of your claims. It will also hinge on the commitment of your chosen attorney or the insurance company. 

There are many steps in the process that leads to the eventual settlement.  But before you get the settlement check, you will have to go through all or some parts of the process detailed below. What is applicable to you is dependent on your case. 

First, all medical treatments must have been sought. The injured victim must have reached the maximum improvement level, or at least the level in which he/she can communicate. Of course, since cases have a proscription period, you cannot wait too late either. Some file a case even while they are under rehabilitation. This may be a reason for delays because you cannot attend to the case personally if you are still seriously injured.  You may even have to give someone the power of attorney to do it for your.

Next, your attorney must do the following steps: gather all the documents to support your claim, present material witnesses, itemize the damages to your properties, make a demand letter/ package outlining what you want, and send this demand to the York Insurance handling Lyft. 

Then, York Insurance will have to formally receive the demand letter/ package and they will begin their own investigation. They will make a decision regarding settlement or dismissal of your claim. They will then contact your attorney regarding this decision. 

If their decision is to try and settle the claim, the insurance company will make a settlement offer. Always remember that they will low-ball you with the initial amount, so never accept it. You lawyer will make a counteroffer. This process will be repeated until all parties concerned are amenable to the stipulations in the agreement. 

After this, all the necessary forms will be signed by both parties. You, as the claimant, will sign the settlement release form absolving Lyft from any more liabilities. After all the documents have been notarized, Lyft will send the settlement check to your attorney. Any expenses and fees may be taken from this amount.  

As you can see there are many steps involved before you come into a settlement agreement for your Lyft accident claim. Each of these steps take a lot of time. It may take your attorney 2 weeks or more to draft the demand letter. The insurance company may take time to respond because they will conduct their investigation, which can take a few months to complete. 

The process of negotiations can also take months to complete. This is even longer for complex claims that may need judicial adjudication. After the settlement has been reached, it will take at least two weeks to more than a month to receive the settlement check. Computing all those, it may take you a year or more to finalize your claims against Lyft. 

Final Word

Reaching the final part of your claims will really take a long time. If you want to reach a settlement at the fastest time possible, you must hire a law firm you can trust, who is persistent in fighting for your rights. You must do everything in your power to make Lyft pay for all the trauma they have inflicted in your life. The best way to get this done is to have a powerful lawyer by your side as you become allies in your quest for justice.
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