Floral smashup with sola wood flowers

 Are you planning for your dream wedding?Is it about leaving all the arrangements up to a wedding planner with the same theme you have seen recently at a wedding, or is it something unique you are planning for?


 There might be some restrictions depending upon the wedding venue, but there are many small alterations that you can make to give an iconic or a unique touch to your wedding decor. 

Working on tiny details can create significant differences, and you can transform a regular wedding venue into your own classical wedding wonderland. ‘’Floral smashup’’ is a creative and artistic touch that you can add to your wedding venue with other decoration items.

Flowers are delicate and so sensitive to harsh weather, and they are expensive too. Maybe you resist doing experimentation with flowers on your big day… wait!!!

Won’t you try sola wood flowers???

Unbelievably, but these are so real and as beautiful as actual blooms with additional durability. Sola wood flowers are handmade blooms with shaving from balsa tree bark or tapioca. These are natural products, 100% degradable, environment-friendly, and sustainable material. These are naturally of ivory color but can be dyed in any color that you desire for.

You can get wood flowers in any shape and color according to and use these flowers in any kind of floral arrangement and wedding décor. Sola wood flower bridal bouquets, wood roses aisle decorations, decorative walls, and wood flower table centerpieces there are plenty of options you can use these flowers with freedom of durability and to meet up your artistic imaginations.

Sola wood flowers are evergreen, and you can get any flower you love at any time of the year without getting worried about their seasonal availability. Real blooms are beautiful, but they have a very short life. Sola wood flowers are equally beautiful and elegant as their original identicals. Their durability is another plus point that makes it possible for you to save your wedding bouquet fresh and colorful for maybe your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary.

Sola wood flowers never get dried, and you don’t have to worry about their wilting. It means you can prepare your floral arrangements weeks before your wedding, and there will be no tension or frustration regarding floral decorations on your big day. Wooden wedding bridal bouquet can be a lifetime memory of your beautiful love moments and wedding day celebrations.

Use wood roses or any other species you are in love with and do a variety of experimentation with wedding decors to keep your wedding customized in your own style. You can add balloons with sola wood flowers at your dessert table, decorate your plain wedding buttercream cake with wooden roses, or design a massive sola wood floral arrangement with tables plan. You can also think of adding wood rose petals with candles and lights to create a fairyland look.

Woodflowers.com has a massive variety of sola wood flowers with reasonable prices and countless options. You can also order custom designed sola wood flowers and wooden bouquets.
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