Frequently Asked Questions about LED shoes

Are light up shoes waterproof?

Light ups can resist a small amount of water in most designs but are not capable of withstanding total immersion, rain or snow. The outside of the shoes is usually water resistant.


What are the accessories that come with the shoes?

Along with the shoes come two USB connectors that are used to recharge the pair at the same time. The adaptor is not usually included, but the can be plugged into any USB port or charger.

How are the shoes powered?

LED shoes are powered by rechargeable batteries. Each shoe has a battery embedded within it, and it powers the LEDs. The switch is also located on the charging port. Find details on your manual.

What sizes do the shoes come in?

There are various designs for men, women, and kids. Men usually come with size 6-13, women 4-12 and kids 3-7. Find out from the retail outlet you are buying from to be sure of the sizes available.

Do I have to choose the colors I want from the LED?

Light ups are designed to have 7 LED static color, and these colors include Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Aqua, & White. There are setting you can change to give you a variety of light options among these colors.

How long do the batteries last before I need to recharge?

The battery lasts an average of 6 hours before you need to recharge, but this also depends on the setting light mode you are using. Bright colors are known to consume more energy than others.

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