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Gift Ideas Using Items You Already Own
Friday, 26 January 2018

There seems to be a gift-giving occasion going on continuously. Friends and family have birthdays throughout the year, and the holiday season brings extra stress to your budget. With some quick thinking and creativity, you can bring new life to items you have sitting around the house. These fun gift ideas will save money and add a personal touch to your gift-giving habits.


Outgrown Clothing

Kid often outgrow clothing faster than they can wear it out. Clothing with cute patterns can be cut into squares and used to make throw blankets or small security blankets for kids. Kitchen towels and table mats are also a great way to recycle the fabric from old clothing. You can decorate a plain pair of pants or a solid-colored shirt with fabric paint or iron-on designs printed from a computer on special paper. Textured iron-on appliques come in a variety of shapes and designs. Personalize a piece of clothing for a child with fun artwork or their name in favorite colors.

Search the Kitchen

Homemade treats are an excellent substitute for a store-bought gift. Cookies, bread, and cupcakes are easy to package. Plain cupcakes delivered with a container of icing and a jar of sprinkles gives kids a decorating project to do, as well as a yummy dessert. Popcorn can be popped fresh and flavored with various seasonings for a custom snack. Teenagers will appreciate a basket full of chips, crackers, and soda. Raid your pantry and package these items in a cute container. Homemade hot chocolate mix and flavored teas will look attractive in a glass jar. Adorn items with ribbon and a home crafted gift tag for presentation.

Baby Items and Toys

Babies regularly grow before they use up all of their size specific diapers. Most parents also have a stockpile of extra wipes, diaper cream, and pacifiers. Take diapers out of the package and arrange them in a cute bucket with unopened pacifiers and creams. Regift abandoned and overlooked toys to other children in the family. Decorate a plastic tote or wooden box and fill with toys that your children no longer use. Little kids will love their personalized toy box full of a variety of playthings. As your children grow, assemble gift packages whenever you clean out their drawers and closets.

Recycled Items

Check your recycle bin before you dispose of the items. Kids love to make arts and crafts. Some children will sit for hours with art supplies. Paint or draw on a box and label it "rainy day box." Fill the box with things like egg cartons and water bottles. Add some glue, crayons, and glitter and let their creative juices flow. Glass jars from food can be saved over time to use for homemade beauty products and snack mixes. You may find your recycle bin empty after making these new gifts.

Get Crafty

You don't have to be an artistic genius to make cute crafts. You can make holiday ornaments from many kitchen ingredients and personalize them with paint. Kids can paint or draw on scraps of wood to give their artwork a new flair. Wine corks can become pumpkins or trees, and outdoor plant life transformed into rustic wreaths for seasonal decoration. Involve the entire family in some money-saving group crafting.
Thoughtful gifts do not have to cost a lot of money. Many of these gift ideas will cost nothing at all. You may be surprised to find that your creative gift is cherished more than a traditional one. Keep gift giving in the back of your head all year long as you clean and recycle. Many great gift-giving ideas start with something meant for the trash pile.
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