Growing Cannabis in a Small Space: Don’t Let It Hold You Back

 There is an art to growing cannabis that might seem like it requires a room of its own. You actually do not need a large space to successfully grow cannabis. This plant relies more on the right lighting and nutrients, enabling it to adapt to the space available.  

 Plus, growing in a smaller space allows for discretion and doesn’t make a much noise or smell, which neighbors will appreciate. A small grow doesn’t have to mean small rewards. With the right approach, you can maximize and grow the plant very efficiently. Here are the top tips to maximize space and achieve the biggest returns. 

What Your Space Needs 

Surprisingly, a grow space can be as little as 2’x2’x4’ or as large as a warehouse. No matter the size, there are a few things all spaces have in common. 
  • Enough space to grow because the bigger the plant, the larger your yields. Growth is more about height than width as well as the ability to keep the lights off.
  • Sterilization so your dirty closet is not an option and you need to be able to keep the plants contained.  Sterilization also includes draining the plants properly and keeping them out of standing water. 
  • Ventilation to bring in fresh air and continually exchange air to keep it healthy and vibrant. Depending on where you live, an AC unit or heater might be necessary to regulate the climate. 
A fantastic option for small space growers are tents designed for growing a handful of plants. Some tents, like The Highest Crop, take up no more space than a laundry hamper. These tents are self-contained units with a controllable environment. 

Don’t Burn the Plants 

Lighting is a huge reason why small grows can fail. Grow lights are very hot and have to be at the right distance from the plants to avoid burning buds or leaves. To avoid burning anything, the plants should either be kept short or the lights elevated. In a confined space, elevating lights can be a challenge so your plants might just need to be small through pruning and topping. 

A game-changer for small space growing is LED lights that give quality lighting with minimal heat. The plants grow closer to the light source without sustaining damage. It also reduces the need for climate-control equipment to control the temperature. LEDs can still burn plants, but there is less of a risk. 

Train the Plants 

It is possible to train cannabis plants to increase yields. Some grow methods include:
  • Low-stress training (LST)
  • Scrogging (screen of green) 
  • High-stress training (HST) 
Each method is effective in different ways to help achieve maximum yields in minimal space. Scroggins involves weaving branches and stalks through a mesh screen and implementing a light cycle. It spreads the branches, allows light to reach all parts of the plants, and increases yield.
Low-stress training involves tying parts of the plants to create offshoots to encourage additional cola sites. High-stress training is a little more aggressive and requires topping or super cropping to create a canopy and increased cola sites. 

Explore Genetics 

Hybrids, indicas, and sativas all grow differently. Indicas are short and stocky with denser buds while sativas are lanky with an open bud structure. Hybrids can have traits from both. A tiny grow typically works well for indicas, but the other strains can work with more attention and time. 

Healthy Roots Matter 

The roots are essential to send nutrients and water throughout the rest of the plant. Roots are important in a tiny grow in order to get the most out of a small space. Maintaining healthy roots can be easy with super soils to provide more nutrients and enable an efficient growth environment. 

Allow for Failure

If you are new to growing cannabis in a small space, chances are you might make a mistake and fail. Failure is normal as you learn a new process, so do not let failure discourage you!  
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