HBO Now: 4 Best Shows That You Can Watch in This Platform
Monday, 29 June 2020

 For a lot of people, spending their rest time doing enjoyable things and relaxing is quite rewarding. When everything’s a mess and having too much responsibility stresses you out, you can watch your favorite TV shows and films to remove some stream. So if you are wondering where to watch the new episodes of your favorite shows, then the best answer would be HBO Now.

 How does this platform work? What’s the difference between HBO Now and HBO Go? What are the trendings shows that are worth watching? Everything can be answered if you check out more about hbo now. With this guide, we will give you a list of some best shows that you can watch on HBO Now.

Game of Thrones

This show is quite popular with a lot of people and your friends probably talk about Game of Thrones during their coffee break. You might even bump into many hilarious GoT memes across Twitter and Facebook. There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is among the best TV series, and its popularity is off the chart. So what makes this TV show good? The answer will rely on the characters and plot.

Unlike some fantasy shows, this TV series is not something that you always watch on your screen. With bold characters, unimaginable surprise elements, and dark plot, GoT will leave the fans wanting more. Many story tweaks will make your mouth wide open. Zombies, fight scenes, dragons, and smart-written dialogues for characters are just some things that you need to check out.


Westworld is based on the film of Michael Crichton in the ’70s. The story is all about a frightening amusement park where people engage in a robot-like life for entertainment. The robots share similarities with human beings and possessing high artificial intelligence. Then one day, the robots start having genuine consciousness that will lead to a war between robots and humans.

The story of this show is intricate and written provocatively. Westworld intersects genres like fiction, science, mystery, romance, drama, suspense, thriller, and more.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

If you want to be happy and get a good laugh, you must include this show to your watchlist in HBO Now. This show is a sitcom that is a semi-autobiographical that revolves around the life of the retired TV writer, including his friends and family. Every episode will show a more ludicrous and misanthropic comedy sense. 
Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers is among the best TV series in HBO Now. This show already won around 33 awards, and that includes a Golden Globe. The focus of this saga is preparation, Easy Company’s training, and their involvement during the Second World War. What makes this show unique compared to others is the historical impact. It is also based on true accounts, events, and people.


Now that you know some of the best shows in HBO Now, you might want to explore more and watch other shows that this platform can offer. Using HBO Now won’t only get you updated with some shows latest episode; it can also help you lessen the stress and make you relax. 
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