How can we clean the impurities of water?

 Water is the main source of living. People use water to drink, swim, washing and for so many purposes. Without it, we can starve to death. Clean and pure water is everyone’s need. But if there is some unpleasant smell from water no one can drink or even wash their hands with this type of water. The smell of water is because of the excess amount of impurities and sulfur. Old and unclean pipelines caused these smells in the water. 


 . But why does my water smell like rotten eggs ? Some pipelines like gas and water pipeline are underground due to which sometimes they got broken and get mixed. After the reaction, sulfur and water create a rotten egg smell. 

Cleaning the water:

This water can be used after the cleaning of impurities. The smell will also vanish. There are so many methods to remove the sulfur and iron from the water. Here are some methods:

Bleach or chlorine removal:

Chlorine is an element that reacts with the components of water and helps in clearing the impurities of the water. For cleaning and removing the sulfur particles from the water chlorine bleach can be used. This can be used for less or massive amounts of the sulfur in the water. The chlorines will react chemically with the water and oxidize all the elements which are causing the smell. After this treatment, the water will be clear and pure from the rotten egg smell.

Iron removal:

Sometimes the water gets rotten smell due to some iron and manganese particles. Many methods are in practice to remove these particles but hydrogen sulfide is mostly used to remove these two elements from the water.


In this method, the water can be purified with the help of the air. This process not always works. But sometimes it helps in removing the extra amount of sulfur from the water.

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